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Things I miss about my Dad on Father’s Day

dad2.pngWhen I think of my dad I think of the story that tells of Jesus washing the disciple’s feet.  My dad spent most of his life as dad washing feet, and he never complained.

His love, kindness, patience, humility and hard work with me and my children will be imprinted on my heart for the rest of my life.

My dad was all the things I know I am not and all the things I need to become.  His legacy was his unselfish love for us.

Today on Father’s Day I want to write a little note to heaven and tell my dad all the things that I miss terribly about him.

I miss those egg omelets you would make with all sorts of crazy things from rice, to hot dogs or tuna.

I miss the homemade chicken soups that you gave me for 40 days after giving birth.

I miss you watching the kids for us when errands had to be taken care of and never once saying no.

I miss you organizing the garage and categorizing the contents in color-coded fashion complete with a notebook to know where each item was located.

I miss starting on our nativity scene 6 weeks before Christmas and handcrafting all the pieces together.

I miss those hot lemonades you would make me when I was coming down with a cold.

I miss eating out of your plate as a grownup and watching your grandkids do the same.

I miss going bike riding with you for hours and hearing about your travels to Egypt, Stockholm and other places.

Now that the world cup is going on I really miss watching all the games and hearing you scream with every possible goal from the preferred team.  I miss hearing you say: Ggggooooaaaaallllllllllllll

I miss watching you cook, type and drink tea while holding your grandchildren.  They never seemed to bother you one bit and often went with you to appointments, radio stations, interviews, and the library so I could work.

I miss traveling with you to remote places sometimes not mom approved.  I can’t say I know any other dad that would let their kid ride on top of a train that has a precipice to one side and is going through tunnels filled with bats.  Yeup that was probably the best traveling adventure I can remember us being on except for when I got chased by a bull in Riobamba, Ecuador while visiting your friend’s farm.

I miss watching you work passionately on my computer writing articles that traveled past country lines.  What I did not know was that those readers from around the world, thousands of them would send emails after your death and only then would I realize just how important your work was for those who admired you.

I miss hearing you lecture me about being patient with the kids and telling me not to forget to kiss and hug them more often.

I really miss hearing you say, “Dios te bendiga, maneja con cuidado.”, whenever I left to go somewhere.  In English that means, God, bless you and drive safely.

I miss listening to classical music and watching you whistle to all the high and low notes.

I miss getting into my car and seeing the station on NPR because you had driven it last.

I miss hearing about your latest international project and arguing with you that you shouldn’t give your work away for free.  Interestingly so, I do the same.

Going back in time; I miss helping you edit your Ecotourism magazine and learning to create publication layouts the old fashion way with x-acto knives and lots of patience.

I miss you taking the kids for a walk every day and having them pick me flowers.

There are so many things I miss dearly that I could not possibly write them all down but most of all I really miss that last conversation we started having about God doing everything for a reason.  We never got to finish it but I know that everything did happen for a reason and although I still can’t understand it all, I am thankful that I got to call you dad for almost 30 yrs and that my children except our new baby got to be around you and have you as their Amigo from the day that they were born.

Happy Father’s day Papi.  May you enjoy your strolls in paradise alongside our heavenly father.

And Happy Fathers Day to all the dads that are still on this earth.  Whether you have small children or your kids are already grown and gone.  May you never cease to give a word of stern direction and encouragement to your children, no matter how much you think they don’t want to hear it.

May you always make time to serve your family and teach your children what the true value of life is.

May your legacy be evident in the love and dedication to your family and to others.

For those who are not dads but still have a dad, tell him you love him today.  Give him a big hug and a kiss if you can and don’t take him for granted, because when you least expect it he may be promoted to glory.

God Bless you


11 thoughts on “Things I miss about my Dad on Father’s Day

  1. I just love this post. I have a Papi, too, and most of what you said rang true. My dad is very selfless as well, and he does not have grandchildren yet, but is anxiously waiting. I am sorry that you have lost your dad, but it sounds like you were blessed to have a wonderful father. It’s great that you have those memories to hold on to. Love your blog!

    1. Awwee, thanks for sharing. Yes selfless dads are the best gift we can ever have as children. I am sure your dad will make an awesome grandpapi one day!

  2. Primita!
    I just loved this post! I can not stop crying! I love you so much and miss you so much!
    My uncle was an amazing dad and an amazing uncle too! I will always remember all the crazy things, my brother and I used to do together with him, as your trip to Riobamba!!
    God has him on his Glory!
    I love you and I hope everything is going well for you and your family!
    Te quiero mucho primita, Dios te bendiga, saludos a todos desde China. Muchos besos y abrazos y estan siempre en mis oraciones!

    1. Thank you Mari. I love you and miss you too! My dad was very special to me and I really miss him.
      Wish I could go visit you in China. Take care – Besos – Tu prima preferida 😮

  3. Hola mi vida!!!! no he podido parar de llorar, no había podido leerlo completo hasta ahora, …….. Tu papito fue un ejemplo de dar todo lo que estaba en sus manos y no esperar nada a cambio, gracias por tantos recuerdos vividos y compartidos, no dejes de escribir, desde acá te enviamos un fuerte abrazo que Dios les bendiga
    besitos Diane

    1. Gracias Dianita – Un beso y un abrazo. Quiero ir pronto a visitar pero con 5 necesito la lotería!!! Dios quiera podamos hacer un viaje pronto.

  4. Marianita, un fortisimo abrazo, cualquier palabra o comentario sobre Tu Papá, quedaría siempre corto y quedaría faltando algo por decir, pero al comprender lo que dice tu corazón veo que si hay manera de hacerle un homenaje a este hombre que vivio por y para cumplir sueños, y que a algunos sí nos contagió su forma de mirar las cosas mas simples de la vida y poder vivir en armonía con ellas, minimizando siempre el que dirán, simplificando siempre los mas grandes problemas diarios de la viva.
    Marianita en el siguiente link hay una foto que a mi manera de ver marcó la forma de ser de tu padre mi hermano, el siempre enfrentó la vida cara a cara de frente.

    1. Gracias Tío querido! Nunca había visto esa foto. Que linda es y si demuestra con poco esfuerzo la historia de mi papa. Esta foto se merece estar aquí – ya la cambie para que todos la puedan ver y apreciar.
      Es verdad mi papa siempre estuvo pendiente del día de hoy y como arreglar el hoy. Nunca se preocupo por lo que vendría ni se dejo llevar por los comentarios negativos de muchas personas que no creían en su estilo de vivir humilde y plenamente.
      Pensando en mi papa y sus ideales recuerdo la historia que me contaron cuando se escapo de la casa apenas con unos anitos.

      Cargaba con el no mas las cosas importantes, su almohada y un periódico. Si solamente pudiéramos pensar igual. De que nos vale una vida entera si no la disfrutamos con las personas a quien queremos, si no tomamos el tiempo necesario para descansar y si no nos conectamos con lo que esta pasando en nuestro mundo para entonces ver de que manera podemos ayudar.

      Mi papa me hace muchisima falta y no creo que podre superar su partida NUNCA. Pero los recuerdos son la vida para mi corazón y ayudan para alegrar mis días negros.

  5. Beautiful Father’s Day tribute to your dad! It made me cry. I have heard so many great things about him from you, I am only sad I didn’t get to meet him on this side of life – I know I would have learned so much from him. But I look forward to meet him in heaven! Until then I know much of him lives on through you 🙂

    1. Thanks Holly! It seems like I am always finding out new things I did not know about his life. The other day I found a bag in my garage with tons of certificates, recognitions and awards he had received from around the world and the US for various things relating to his work. He never once said anything to me. Just another great quality he had of utter humility. His life never ceases to amaze me!

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