Yummy Raw Milk Homemade Ice Cream

About an hour ago at approximately 5pm, the kids begged me to make some ice-cream.  So I decided I would treat myself and the kids to a yummy ice-cream using organic raw cream and raw yogurt.  For more on the benefits of raw dairy click here.

OK so I added one cup of raw cream, 1/2 a cup of raw yogurt, 2 large organic bananas along with 1 cup of organic frozen mangoes, 2 tablespoons of grass-fed gelatin and some organic vanilla extract into my Vitamix Professional Series do it all blender.  We make almond butter, soups, baby food and everything in our Vitamix.

Once all the ingredients were inside the blender I blended it for about 1 minute and scooped it all into a freezer safe glass bowl and let it sit in the freezer for a little over an hour.

We just had some and Oh My Goodness.  It’s absolutely delicious.  I sprinkled toasted coconut and organic raw sprouted almonds on mine.  Yummy!

I have made homemade ice cream before but it’s been years since I have used raw cream.

Breyers, Ben & Jerry’s and Cold Stone’s ice cream has nothing on my all natural, junk free homemade ice cream.  All jokes aside; you should really try and make some ice-cream for your kids this summer and keep it in the freezer as a special treat.

At least you know you are giving your kids the very best there is without toxic additives, colorants, preservatives and processed sugar.

Feel free to experiment with other fruits like strawberries, raspberries, peaches, and guanabana (soursop).  You can also use almond milk if you don’t eat dairy products and coconut cream.

2 thoughts on “Yummy Raw Milk Homemade Ice Cream

  1. Thanks Lisa. You can actually search below for the place closest to you. I am going tomorrow after work cause we are all out. I love my raw dairy – see the tab under Why organic for more info on Raw Milk.

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