Best Blood Purifier, Congestion breaker, and Migraine Relief

No, these three are not necessarily related, but they are in the sense that herbs have been used for centuries to deal with all 3 of these conditions.

Let’s start with our blood. Did you know that a typical human red blood cell only survives about 4-5 months in your body? God created us in such a complex way that our bodies are constantly producing new blood and releasing it into the bloodstream to do meaningful work for our overall health. This work can be described as carrying nutrients, hormones, water, chemical messages, and even information throughout our bodies.

Our blood is primarily made of three things: white blood cells (immune function), red blood cells (oxygen carriers), and blood plasma (a liquid solution that carries everything else).

When our bodies need more red blood cells, our body automatically generates new ones. How amazing is that? Another fantastic thing is that our body must create those required red blood cells using the available materials: These are materials circulating in our blood at the time.

So if you have not been diligent and have not really taken care of yourself these past 5 months and you have been eating processed fast foods, Trans fats, and nutrient deficient cooked foods your body will only be able to make new red blood cells with the bad material you have going on inside of you. So say during that time you are diagnosed with cancer or a serious illness, the blood running through your veins will not be composed of healthy red blood cells. This creates a problem because just one red blood cell circulates around your body in about 20 seconds. The same red blood cell makes tens of thousands of trips around your body, transporting oxygen to cells before your immune system recycles it.

Do you want unhealthy morphed cells circulating through your body?

I know I don’t.

So how can you effectively clean your blood? Some of this work is performed by our kidneys, but if they are not functioning correctly, you have another problem. 

We can also make clean blood by drinking lots of water and eating higher amounts of green foods.

On another note, I have found that Organic dandelion leaf and root is one of the best blood purifiers around and costs virtually nothing for a month’s supply. Our online community shop has it available at an affordable price. 

Read more on Organic Dandelion Tea, click here and look at Augusts’ Herb of the Month.

What about congestion. Can’t get rid of the phlegm? Or do you have a cold with awful congestion?

Growing up, we would drink herbal teas with ginger, garlic a splash of lime juice, and honey. It almost always took care of our congestion. Today herbalists and alternative medicine doctors have studied the effects of herbs for congestion, but there is one in particular that has worked for us all the time, and that herb is Fenugreek. It’s one of my treasured herbs as it doubles as a milk-producing herb (lactogenic)for nursing moms. It is part of my Breast is best Tea. 

Fenugreek works because it relieves congestion, reduces inflammation, and fights infection. Fenugreek contains natural expectorant properties ideal for treating sinus and lung congestion. It loosens & removes excess mucus and phlegm. Congested, pass the Fenugreek!

Migraines anyone? My husband suffered from terrible bouts due to being exposed to toxins and mold unknowingly for several months. During his terrible migraines, neck and back spasms, I did not know what was going on. He would, without warning, get excruciating amounts of pain from his brain down his spine. It completely crippled him, and we had many hospital visits during this time.

So I began to do some investigative work and concluded that he had horrible migraines and inflammation in the neck and spine triggered by the brain.

With that hypothesis, I starting trying certain herbs on him that would reduce the overall inflammation in his body and the inflammation of the blood vessels going to his brain. I figured that if the inflammation went down, it would temporarily stop the migraines while we figured out what was triggering them. Note that during this time, we had dozens of visits to Cleveland Clinic and saw some of the best experts in Neurology, and nothing they gave my husband helped him. 

And so we became best friends with Purple Butterbur. Butterbur has also been given for inflammation of the urinary tract and cramps. There is compelling evidence from human trials to suggest it assists in preventing and treating migraine headaches.

Now, Butterbur contains many toxic alkaloids, so I had to order a premade herbal pill from a well-known supplement maker. After all, I don’t have the equipment or a professional lab to extract toxic alkaloids from herbs; although some herbs can be boiled to accomplish this, Butterbur is not one of them. I can’t tell you how this herb helped my husband; it was terrific. You can read about it here.

Another fantastic herb I have cooked with and used for years is Turmeric. Since I love making many different types of organic curry, we almost always have powdered Turmeric at home.

Not many people like the taste, so I recommend taking it in capsule form from a reputable company like Gaia Herbs. They use wild-harvested and organic herbs in their supplements which is very important.

In an audio post I did recently: If you want to become healthier, you must become a researcher. If you want to know what to take and how much to take, you must become a researcher and start learning the benefits of herbs under a clinical herbalist or under someone who knows about plant medicine. Conventional doctors are not going to give you this information, let alone know how to use it. I can only share my experiences with you and prompt you to do your research and develop your formulations. 

I am not a doctor and cannot treat or prescribe anything for you, nor can I prescribe doses, but I can share my wisdom, and that’s what this site is all about.

May you be blessed

Disclaimer: The information provided on is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional.
The content in this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Any views or opinions written in this blog should not be taken as fact or professional advice. 

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  1. How can i clean my face from pimples?

    1. Moms Mold Resources

      Diet is very important for good skin. Dandelion and burdock root are noted in many studies for their blood cleansing properties and can be taken as a tea or in pill form. Avoid pimples by making sure you are having daily bowel movements and are drinking lots of water.

  2. Hello
    Great article, thank you! Now I just want to clarify what helped your husband with migraines, was it the dandelion or the butterbur? I suffer from migraines but recently read numerous articles on tannins which mirgrainuers should avoid but many herbal teas contain. Cheers

    1. Moms Mold Resources

      Hi Cristina
      The Purple Butterbur helped my husband. The herb itself is toxic unless you extract the alkaloids. You can purchase a product called Enzymatic Therapy Petadolex which has the herb minus the alkaloids.

      1. Great, will try!

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