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How to Make Herbal Baby Wipes

You don’t have to be a baby to use these either.

Really, anyone that wants a nice gentle non-toxic cleanser will benefit from making their own cleansing cloths and tossing the toxic wipes which are loaded with cancer-causing parabens and formaldehyde.

You will need:

-organic disposable cotton pads or you can make your own cloth squares by cutting organic cloth baby diapers into 3 equal parts and sewing around the edges.  If you are too lazy to do that or your life is crazy busy like mine, just chop up a 100% die free cotton tee shirt into 5inch by 7inch rectangles.

-5inch by 7in glass dish with airtight cover or you can use the size you have available.  When traveling you can use a smaller container or a resealable waterproof cloth bag that replaces the traditional zip-lock bags or just use a small travel size baby wipes container like the one pictured above, but make sure it’s chemical free.  No BPA, PVC or Phthalates, please!

-1 pint of distilled water

-3 drops of essential oil of lavender (avoid essential oils if sensitive)

-3 drops of essential oil of rosemary (avoid essential oils if sensitive)

-1/2 tsp of calendula oil

-2 drops of organic tea tree oil (avoid essential oils if sensitive)

-1 tablespoon of organic almond or olive oil

-1/4 teaspoon of organic vinegar

-1/2 cup of 100% pure organic aloe vera gel you can purchase or make at home

To make:

Mix your essential oils in with the tablespoon of almond or olive oil.  Add this mixture to the distilled water and add in the aloe and vinegar.  Mix well then place your cloth pieces into your glass container and pour mixture over.  Seal and use within one week.  Store any extra solution in the fridge.

I know this might seem time-consuming and crazy but its the better choice for the environment and for your health.  Why give the baby wipes manufactures money when they are using toxic ingredients in their products?  Better yet, why expose your families skin to cancer-causing solvents and ingredients?

**Note** I always keep extra liquid in my container with the wipes, because I use some to wash off our little one’s tush and I cleanse my face with the wipes as well from time to time.

**Travel Note**You can carry your cloth pieces with you in one of the containers or bags mentioned above and place your liquid mixture in a spray bottle.  When its time for a facial cleanse or diaper change just spray your wipes with the desired amount and use right away.  If you’re at home set dirty wipes aside in a wash pail with some soap and launder later in the day.  If you are out and about, place the soiled wipes in a baggie until you get home.


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