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What Every Pediatrician & Parent Should Know about the Health Issues Associated with Mold/Mycotoxins

This is a “must read”. Every pediatrician and parent should review this report to learn about the health issues associated with exposures to mycotoxins.  Because my health was severely affected by mycotoxins I am extremely passionate about sharing my research with others. Unfortunately, there is not appropriate medical training regarding the damage caused by mold and mycotoxins, this report is a step forward in educating physicians and shedding light on an obscure area of medicine.
If your child is suffering from asthma, constant rashes, epilepsy, migraines, respiratory infections, memory loss, ADHD or a host of other health issues and you don’t know why you need to read this. Read the full report here.

For more info on Mold & Mycotoxins click here.


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