Gut Healing – Protein Rich – Detoxifying Smoothies – 2 Awesome Recipes

Gelatin Hemp Smoothie

Simple smoothies have been a must for me these past 10 years, especially since becoming sick from environmental toxins. During stressful times I have sipped them while running out of the house to work and as a late-night snack. Although there is no substitution for eating a healthy green salad, green smoothies are a convenient way to get in all of the nutrition we need from raw sprouted seeds, leafy greens, and berries.

I usually drink between 1 to 2 raw, green or fresh pressed vegetable juices a day.  And when I need to travel, my manly Vitamix goes with me. Without this indispensable kitchen gadget, my smoothie making days would be a bit more difficult. If you don’t own a Vitamix I highly recommend you invest in one. I have had mine for almost 7 years and I absolutely love it and cannot imagine a kitchen without one.

Now if you don’t have a Vitamix that is okay, the recipes below blends well in a Nutribullet or high-speed blender.

So let’s get blending!  Just so you know, this smoothie contains between 16 – 32 grams of protein!
This is an easy peasy recipe that helps heal the gut, detoxify and has a very high protein content. It tastes delicious and can be enjoyed after a workout. You can also add in some L-Glutamine for muscle repair and you got yourself a powerhouse!

Here is what you will need:

📌A handful of organic frozen strawberries (organic is a must since conventionally grown strawberries are typically treated with over 30 different toxic pesticides)
📌A handful of frozen mangoes (they don’t have to be organic because their pesticide residue is minimal or nonexistent)
📌1-2 tbsp. raw organic hemp seeds
📌1-2 tbsp. grass-fed cow gelatin  or grass-fed collagen peptides
📌12-20 ounces of unsweetened coconut water, unsweetened coconut kefir or raw yogurt cultured for 24 hours or more (culturing the milk this long helps eliminate most of the lactose or sugar naturally found in rapidly cultured dairy products)
📌A handful of organic dandelion leaves

Place everything in your blender and blend for 1 minute while skipping, dancing or just standing there staring, lol. Have fun, unwind and enjoy yourself. Making healthy treats in the kitchen should never be a drag. Make it a point to enjoy and be happy while you cook, your body will be better able to assimilate the nutrients you consume if your state of mind is healthy too!  Now go ahead and enjoy this deliciousness as a snack, late night dinner or after workouts.

Recipe number two is just as delicious. Here is what you will need.

This gut healing, immunity boosting gelatin smoothie serves 4.🍓💪😋👍

📌3 Tbsp. Great Lakes grass-fed gelatin (orange tin) or grass-fed collagen peptides
📌1 cup organic blueberries (frozen or fresh)
📌1 cup mangos
📌4 tsp. raw organic pumpkin seeds (sprouted is best)
📌 A handful of organic watercress or dandelion greens
📌1 cup colostrum liquid (from a local farmer or 3 Tbsp. powdered version)
📌3 cups alkaline water or filtered water

What you’re looking at in the above picture is the grass-fed cow gelatin gelling up inside my Vitamix.
When you make a smoothie with gelatin always let the gelatin sit in the liquid for a few minutes before blending then add your favorite fruits, vegetables or leafy greens and enjoy.

Consuming gelatin this way is great for those who do not make broth on a consistent basis.
Consuming gelatin with other foods actually helps the absorption of nutrients and allows for proper allocation of fats, protein, and carbohydrates in the body. Plus, research shows that it is helpful for restoring a leaky gut!
Need more smoothie recipes? Check out my blog, type in “smoothie” in the search bar and presto!

Because Your Health Matters!!!!

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