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MCS In The Aftermath of 9/11 – The Untold Story

Almost every person in the USA who hears the numbers 9/11 remembers saying or hearing the phrase “Never forget”.
Yet hundreds of heroes and ordinary civilians who served our nation after 9/11 and who lived near ground zero are now permanently disabled or unable to work because they suffer from MCS and other NeuroImmune diseases.  Allison Johnson reported that “many First Responders, cleanup workers, and Lower Manhattan residents developed multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) following their exposure to the toxic smoke and dust of the WTC attack.”

These are the people no one hears about yet they are there. These people feel as if they have been forgotten.

Below is a must watch documentary for everyone especially Americans as this is a story about 9/11 that has never been told.
In addition to the tragic loss of life, the harrowing tales of survival and the beautiful and miraculous rescue attempts, emerges a dark and untold story. A story of the forgotten ones. The forgotten ones of 9/11.

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See other MCS videos at:

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