New Studies by Dr. Anne Steinemann on Fragranced Baby Products, Essential Oils, Indoor Air Quality & More

A few months back Dr. Anne Steinemann sent me some of her new studies. I am posting below, with her permission what she sent me. These studies were conducted in collaboration with some of her students and colleagues and are worth looking at. Please feel free to share with others! Knowledge is power.

(1) Fragranced baby products (both regular and “green”) – nearly all products emitted chemicals classified as hazardous, with no significant difference between the regular and green products.

(2) Essential oils (both regular and “organic”) – all essential oils emitted chemicals classified as hazardous, with no significant difference between the regular and organic products.

accepted pre-publication pdf

(3) Indoor air quality at a University – the green building had some of the highest levels of pollutants

accepted pre-publication pdf

(4) Regulation of fragranced products – no law requires disclosure of all ingredients in a consumer product in Australia, or of any ingredients in a mixture called “fragrance”


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