Mold Testing Isn’t Enough, Mold Misinformation & More

If you’re suffering from mold toxicity and are wondering if doing a mold test in your home will be enough, this video is for you.

I’m chatting about the following things:

➡️Beware of mold assessors and remediation companies that say mold cannot make you sick or that it can ONLY affect those with compromised immune systems.

➡️Mold Testing isn’t enough and will never be enough.

➡️A proper mold inspection is paramount.

➡️Mold Gurus still sharing mold misinformation.

➡️There is currently no legislation in the US regarding toxic mold.

➡️Still waiting to find someone who was very sick and healed after returning to their remediated water-damaged home.

➡️Location matters

➡️Molds interacting with toxins in the environment.

➡️Before hiring anyone make sure they are seasoned, qualified, and licensed. Ask them to leave if they don’t believe mold can make a healthy person or a healthy child sick. An additional note: Mold testing and a proper inspection are tools secondary to how you feel inside of a space. If you’ve inspected, tested and remediated and still feel sick, always go with how you feel. In my experience, I’ve seen time and time again that in many cases, no amount of remediation will make a place safe for those injured by mold.

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For more helpful resources, articles, and videos about toxic mold exposure, chemical sensitivities, and health conditions associated with environmental exposures please click here. 

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