We Haven’t Felt This Energetic In Years – A Sweet Testimony & A Bit About Glutathione

I’m so happy when I can share good news and give hope. Today is one of those days. Many of you know that I’ve been struggling with my health ever since my prolonged toxic mold exposure in a sick building where I worked for eight years. Leaving that building and working on mold and chemical avoidance was and still is the most important thing that has helped me move forward in my health journey.

Fast forward, after years of working on healing, we were caught in a difficult situation that left us without a home, and we ended up losing our belongings 3 times because of toxic mold in rental housing. My health spiraled downwards, as did my husband’s and the rest of our family.

Since our last toxic mold exposure, both my husband and I saw our energy levels plummet. Although leaving the moldy environment did help me tremendously, I haven’t been able to experience energy like I had before my dance with Stachybotrys, aka black mold. In my husbands case, four emergency surgeries years ago left him feeling extremely fatigued and in pain on most days. This all began to change in May of 2021.

What Happened?

A few months ago, a friend contacted me to tell me about a nutraceutical she and her husband started taking. She shared how it had revolutionized their life. Before starting the supplement, she underwent surgery for a hysterectomy and was a total mess. She was struggling with depression, fatigue, a weakened immune system, and more. During our conversation, she described how she saw changes in her mood and energy levels. She wanted my husband and me to try the supplement.

After a few weeks, she mailed us a box.

We weren’t able to try it right away. About two months passed before we had our first dose. We felt nothing. I took it once a day for a few days and felt nothing. My husband took it once a day and felt nothing.

We stepped it up to twice a day, and still no noted positive effects.

What were we doing wrong? I started to look up the published studies on the nutraceutical and read a few recommendations from MDs about the dosing. I concluded that we weren’t taking it properly, or we weren’t taking enough of it. Turns out, I was taking it incorrectly, and my husband wasn’t taking enough.

So my husband stepped up his dose, and immediately he felt a difference. It was quite a comical scene. He was literally zooming past me, laughing and saying that he felt as if he had just worked out at the gym. Watching him that morning made me think of the Dancing Queen song by Abba for some reason, lol. I have no clue why. The funny thing is that I wasn’t even born when that song came out, but we had it on vinyl, so I grew up listening to it.

70’s music aside, upping the dose made him feel the “workout high” that he used to experience years ago when he was a bodybuilder. I was happy for my husband and saw how his energy and productivity went through the roof each day. He was doing strenuous, physical work that usually leaves him in pain and in bed for several days, but none of that happened.

When I upped my dose and took it correctly, the energy and strength I felt were also pretty impressive. The first day I went shopping at the grocery store. I was able to carry heavy groceries, which I usually struggle to do because of my fatigue and pain.

Its been about three weeks since my husband started, and each day, he feels so alive and energized. I just completed my first week taking the product correctly and am also super excited at the changes I see each day.

Why is this nutraceutical working and helping my husband and me? Well, I believe it’s because of how it was developed. It is bonded cysteine that has been clinically proven to raise glutathione levels. This is important for me because of my toxic mold exposure. Mycotoxins can deplete glutathione levels which can lead to oxidative stress. Too much oxidative stress inhibits the body’s ability to produce adequate amounts of glutathione. Bingo!
When that happens, we have a recipe for disaster.

Why is glutathione so important?

Glutathione is essential because it helps support our immune system and makes it work optimally. But not all supplements and nutraceuticals make it into the cell where they can positively affect our mitochondria. Precursors like cysteine are needed and are very important because they can help raise glutathione inside the cells (intracellular) so long as they can get there. The bonded cysteine nutraceutical we are taking was designed to make it right in to the cell. Raising glutathione levels inside our cells is critical, especially for those of us with autoimmune conditions, because the mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouse is negatively affected via these conditions.

Glutathione also supports detoxification.
Via our environment, homes, the products we use, etc., we are slowly being poisoned.

From outdoor pollution, toxic mold, and pesticides, these exposures can have toxic effects on every organ in our body. When these toxins accumulate, we see an increase in disease.

Glutathione is also crucial for energy production. One of the first effects that we experienced was increased energy. Why did we experience increased energy? Because glutathione supports our mighty mitochondria, which in turn produces power for the cell. When the mitochondria aren’t doing their job, everything in the body suffers.

Glutathione is known as the master antioxidant. Other antioxidant-rich foods and/or supplements we consume, be it CoQ10, vitamin C, or even berries, depend on glutathione for how well they can be utilized by the body. So if we have optimal glutathione levels and consume food or take supplements rich in antioxidants, we are maximizing their effectiveness.

It’s important to note that some people have genetic mutations that can cause their glutathione levels to be low. This leads to an accumulation of toxins and cellular waste. With no one to take out the trash, it begins to pile up, and the body suffers. People with low glutathione levels can develop multiple illnesses and autoimmune conditions. They can also develop chemical sensitivities and intolerances to everyday products like perfume, lotions, cleaning products, etc. They can also experience mood swings, chronic fatigue, hair loss, early graying, cognitive decline, and/or brain fog…the list goes on and on.

In a nutshell, having optimal glutathione levels is one of the most important things for staying healthy and for healing, and is critical for us mold and chemically injured people. Glutathione neutralizes free radicals, helps in the detoxification process, supports immune function, and is a critical antioxidant for the gastrointestinal system, nervous system, lymphatic system, and lungs.

I’m so happy that after all of these years of so much turmoil and suffering we have been able to experience these wonderful changes. It is a reminder for me, to never give up. To stay hopeful, stay helpful and keep pushing forward one day at a time.

My husband is so excited that he is sharing his experience with anyone who will listen because like me, he wants to see others get better and like me he too has suffered for years with so many things.

If you’d like more information please feel free to reach out, by clicking here. 

Tomorrow is our anniversary, so we will try to spend some time together, which we seldom can do due to our crazy life.
I hope you have a blessed weekend.
Lots of Love,
Chemical Free Gal

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2 thoughts on “We Haven’t Felt This Energetic In Years – A Sweet Testimony & A Bit About Glutathione

  1. Hi,

    My name is Rudy Rincon and I’m a faculty member at UT San Antonio. As you may remember, I also work with Dr. Claudia Miller on MCS-related studies.

    Wean you help us recruiting participants for a research study? If so, I can email you the research information sheet. We are trying to determine if the deficiency of vitamin B12 may play a role on the severity of chemical intolerance-related symptoms

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