Educational Consultations

Hi there – Are you looking for a little encouragement and guidance on your journey?  A simple phone call and supporting emails can be all you need to get going.

New for Fall 2021 – I’m offering three free, twenty-minute email and/or phone consultations each month about glutathione and its role in healing. I’ll also be sharing about what we started doing in May of 2021 that has helped us see an increase in energy and so much more. First come, first serve. It is best to contact me at the beginning of each month. You can read about our experience here while taking a nutraceutical to increase our glutathione levels. On the contact form, please write “Free Glutathione Consultation.” Please note that I get many requests each month and cannot answer all of them due to spaces filling up and scheduling. These phone consultations are NOT for medical advise or for me to give you tips on mold and chemical avoidance. 

For Paid Consultations I offer email and phone consultations for the following topics:

-Paleo, Vegan, GAPS, Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free, Grain-Free. Gluten-Free and Doug Kaufman dietary protocols.
-How to practice chemical and mold avoidance in everyday living
-411 regarding mold at work, school, or home
-Chemical Intolerance for beginners
-Nontoxic cosmetic options and DIYs
-Fragrance-free household cleaning
-Product recommendations for a clean and healthy home
-Healthy meal planning, preparations, and healthy grocery shopping
-How to make a tincture, glycerite, salve, ointment, or herbal bath
-Resources for work and home environment accommodations for people dealing with TILT/MCS

I also offer personal concierge email consultations. These consultations can help you find seasoned practitioners in your area who specialize in treating patients affected by mold and or help find products and services for those who are chemically sensitive.

Pricing: Educational phone consults are $100 for an hour. Email consultations are $75 per email. 

Podemos hacer consultas en espanol tambien.
Spanish consultations are available, just mention it in your request. For more information on classes, consultations, and pricing please contact me below.

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Please note, Chemical Free Gal is not able to respond to emails with health questions or general questions. Please only submit a comment below if you are interested in purchasing supporting emails and or phone calls.
We run a tight ship and have many responsibilities with our children, jobs, and family in addition to running this site and hosting various support groups.
Thank you for understanding!
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