MCS Friendly Shout Outs

Have you visited a place that went over and beyond to make accommodations for your MCS in order for you to be there?
We want to publicly thank them and share their business with others who may benefit from their services.

Please click here to comment. Be sure to add a short description of your story, the name of the business, state and city where they are located and a link to the business if possible. Once your comment is posted it will be added below.

New Hampshire

Buckley’s Great Steaks
438 Daniel Webster Highway
Merrimack, New Hampshire
(603) 424-0995
My husband and I were looking for a steakhouse to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, having severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity makes visiting a restaurant nearly impossible. Reading about this restaurant I figured I would contact them to see if a night out was possible. I spoke with Tim, and he was incredible. He helped make the perfect arrangement and we were able to enjoy our dinner from start to finish without incident! Everyone was very friendly and the food was incredible. Thank you so much to everyone at Buckley’s!

Sears Hometown Store
Phone: (603) 352-1584

I have multiple chemical sensitivity, and am essentially home bound because of the chemicals and materials almost everywhere that make me very ill. One new thing I started reacting to was my gas range, so we determined we needed to change to electric. Unfortunately, any new product would need to off-gas for a period of time before I could even bring it in my house. I was afraid to buy used because of the chemical products used in most homes.

Earlier in the week I called Home Depot to see if we could purchase a floor model. I explained my condition, and the need for an appliance that had off-gassed. The representative I spoke with was rude, and after telling me no, he hung up on me. After that awful experience I spoke with a friend who also has MCS, and she recommended I try Sears.

This morning, hubby and I decided to give Sears a try. They were Awesome! I explained my situation, and they said, “Medical Condition – take your pick of anything on the floor.” The associate then proceeded to the range section and advised the approximate floor time for each item. He then told me of a specific model that emitted zero radiation and had been on the floor for a year. It was lower in the list of prices so we chose that one.

Hubby is picking it up tomorrow, and the salesman asked if wrapping it in plastic was OK. He also advised that he would discard any product samples included with the stove. He made all of these comments without being asked.
There are caring people in the world who will listen and help you. You just need to find them. 🙂

Thank you Sears for your empathy and exemplary customer service!