Do I need a mycotoxin urine test if I’ve been exposed to toxic mold? About once a month, I get asked about mycotoxin urine testing for children and/or adults. Here’s my answer.

About once a month, I get asked about mycotoxin urine testing for children and / or adults affected by toxic mold.

Although this isn’t a bad test, it should NOT be used as a stand-alone to determine what is going on in your home or in your body.

Here’s why:

  1. The urine mycotoxin test does NOT pinpoint when, where or how the exposure happened.

Interesting fact: Initially this test was created and used to determine mycotoxin exposure with foods.

  1. It doesn’t always give an accurate result.
    I’ve also done consultations with a few families who had great results on their mycotoxin urine test, so their doctor moved on to test for other things and put mold in the back seat.

Why is this problematic? Well, if the body isn’t able to excrete the mycotoxins via the urine, the test may show very little. Children and adults who have issues with drainage and detoxification may not have alarming results, but they can be extremely sick from toxic mold nevertheless.

At the end of the day, I don’t recommend that everyone do a mycotoxin urine test, especially families who are barely keeping afloat financially. If you’re struggling financially this test is a waste of money IMO.

The only time it might be helpful is if it’s part of an assessment for a toxic mold court case. Even then, if the opposing side does their research, they can get your mycotoxin urine test results dismissed.

If your home, school, or office has mold, assume your body does too and start taking steps to leave or properly remediate your environment.

I’d much rather spend my money on leaving and on purchasing a few supplements and herbs to help my body heal faster than spend money on a mycotoxin urine test.

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