Caroline’s Dream – Paleo Skincare

I came across Susan’s page “Caroline’s Dream” and her sweet products last year via Instagram.
Products like the ones she crafts by hand are dear to my heart because of what they represent and the love and care that goes into each batch of creative goodness. Her story is especially beautiful because it resonates a bit with mine. “Caroline is my paternal grandmother….She loved medicinal plants and simple home arts and Caroline is my inspiration for this natural, effective skincare. I like to think that she would appreciate the hard work and quality ingredients I put into each product that carries her name.” Source:

It is always sweet to look behind the labels to the heart of why a product or company was born. Susan, you did your grandma proud! Thanks for letting me try and review your products.

Now on to the good stuff. Susan sent me a box that contained, lip balms, creams, facial wash and salves. Right out of the box our daughter opened and tried all of the lip balms and loved them. Since they do not contain any toxic ingredients I highly recommend them for mommies looking to gift safe lips balms to their children.

Everything I opened smelled great and felt great on our skin.  But there was one product I absolutely loved and it’s the Botanical Cleanser pictured above. Since I usually make my own beauty products and I don’t use any chemicals or processed ingredients, this delightful cleanser fit the bill perfectly.

Putting it on is quite simple. Just a little in your hand or small bowl and mix with a few drops of water to form a paste then gently apply on your skin. I used rose and rosemary tea as my water substitute on a few occasions and applied it to my body in the shower as a scrub.

This Botanical Cleanser gives the skin mild exfoliation and lots of moisturizing for all skin types. It is also a terrific body and foot scrub as I found out.
I have been using it every night before retiring to bed and love the way my skin feels after I rinse it off. This would make a fantastic gift for brides to be or to get together the gals and host a girls beauty party.

The next item I tried and really loved is the Calendula cream as it is great to hydrate dry/cracked hands or as a nighttime facial cream. I shared some with a friends baby while we were traveling a while back and it was a hit. All of Caroline’s Dream creams were creamy not greasy and give just the right amount of moisture.

The Peppermint Forest Foot Cream is my next favorite cream and a definite girly treat. A little goes a long way and it smells like candy canes. If you leave it on all night while you sleep your feet will be nice and soft in the morning which is important when it is sandal wearing season, lol.
Being the silly multifaceted gal that I am I actually used a little of the Foot Cream to calm a little bit of frizz in my hair one day when I ran out of my homemade herbal hair oil. My hair smelled great and it helped tame the frizzies I was having that day. That is the beauty of handcrafted herbal products; since they are made without toxic ingredients they can be used virtually in any way.
On a side note, an added bonus to Caroline’s Dream products is that most of her products are certified Paleo which is great for the growing Paleo community.

Now here comes my husbands review of the Super Skin Salve. We took a recent trip up into the mountains and the temps were quite cold. Since daily activities included chopping firewood and being outdoors my hubbies hands were cut, bleeding and cracking almost immediately. I gave him a nice soak first in rose petal water to calm his hurting hands and then gently applied the Super Skin Salve all over his hands and gave him gloves to wear. The next morning he commented that his hands were feeling better and no longer bleeding. So each night we applied the salve before bed and his hands weathered the cold with very little dryness or bleeding. This salve works well because it contains calendula and rosemary which are very soothing herbs and great for skin issues. The coconut oil and cacao butter offer great moisturizing and antiseptic properties plus they give the salve a great smell!

Susan also makes another salve with anti-fungal properties that I have not had a reason to try yet but once I try it I will be sure to update this review.

For more info be sure to check out Caroline’s Dream on the web, FB, Instagram and on Pinterest. 

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