Tea for all your troubles!

We often forget just how powerful a cup of tea can be. All around the world herbal teas are known to enhance our mood, induce sleep, relax our nerves, reduce inflammation and infection and treat a number of ailments. If you are not familiar with the world of herbs – I invite you to read through the following information and be blessed. Who knows you … Continue reading Tea for all your troubles!

Cold and Flu Cocktails/Remedies – What you Should Have on Hand!

Is there a cold or flu virus lurking around the corner? Did you go to the store, open up the refrigerated section, and then rub your eyes a few minutes later? It’s incredible how easily we are exposed to nasty viruses and bacteria. All it takes is for Joe Shmoe to sneeze and cough right on the handles of the store refrigerators, and then you come strolling … Continue reading Cold and Flu Cocktails/Remedies – What you Should Have on Hand!

Help – I’m sick and I’m Miserable!

“Honey, why don’t you run to the drugstore and buy me some of that nighttime stuff the doctor told us about.  I need something to clear up this congestion and sore throat I got” As Ace Ventura would say “alrighty then”. But its really not alright, you know. Most drugstore meds don’t fix your illness, they just mask symptoms. Let’s just analyze the typical scenario … Continue reading Help – I’m sick and I’m Miserable!

Do you have Thyme?

Yes, I said thyme as in the green herb that we often use to make savory dishes. Thyme isn’t just a delicious aromatic herb to season with, it makes a great tea during cold and flu season and we’ve found it very helpful in aiding the body during respiratory infections or colds. Thyme also has great astringent properties and boasts anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, and antibacterial activities. … Continue reading Do you have Thyme?