How to bring down a Fever Naturally

Did you know you can use herbal baths to help assist fever in adults, young children, and babies?  There are several herbs like chamomile, lemon balm, and peppermint that contain properties that promote perspiration which in turn cools the body down resulting in a lowering of the fever. You can prepare 1 or 2 quarts of chamomile infusion by using one well-rounded teaspoon of dried … Continue reading How to bring down a Fever Naturally

Health News: Another Tylenol Recall, your Children are at Risk

If you have been following the news I am sure you have heard all he recent issues with Tylenol and the recalls associated with their products.  And today yet another recall. That’s why we don’t use Tylenol in our home.  We use garlic instead.  See my post on Garlic, natures fever reducer here: Below is a fantastic article by Mike Adams on the latest … Continue reading Health News: Another Tylenol Recall, your Children are at Risk

Garlic – Nature’s Fever Reducer

I have been using garlic for years to lower very high fevers in our family and to help with viruses.  But I had never used it on my children before one year of age until recently.  Our little baby a few weeks back developed a very high persistent fever that seemed to come and go after he visited me at work.  I am not sure … Continue reading Garlic – Nature’s Fever Reducer

Do you have Thyme?

Yes, I said thyme as in the green herb that we often use to make savory dishes. Thyme isn’t just a delicious aromatic herb to season with, it makes a great tea during cold and flu season and we’ve found it very helpful in aiding the body during respiratory infections or colds. Thyme also has great astringent properties and boasts anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, and antibacterial activities. … Continue reading Do you have Thyme?