Green Cleaning Recipes

What are you cleaning with? Do you reach for Dawn to wash your dishes or Windex to clean your windows? Did you know that most commercial cleaning products contain endocrine and immune system disrupting chemicals? Bleach, toilet bowl cleaners, disinfecting sprays, deodorizers and many other cleaning products have ingredients in them that have been linked to cancer and other serious health issues. When I first … Continue reading Green Cleaning Recipes

Green Living: Is there poison in your cosmetics?

Since I have been on to all the petrochemicals in makeup, beauty and skin products I thankfully don’t use any of them.  I use herbs and grains along with homemade herbal oils balms and salves. But I realize that most of the men and women I know use tons of toxic, cancer-causing junk.  There is that word again. And to make matters worse, millions of … Continue reading Green Living: Is there poison in your cosmetics?

Green Living: Do you really need that?

You’ve all seen it. It comes in hundreds of colors, shapes sizes, and uses.  Some people buy it to feel better while others buy it because they think they need to keep up with the trends of today. Kids need it and can’t live without it.  We train our babies also to want it. But what are we doing to ourselves? In an attempt to … Continue reading Green Living: Do you really need that?