How to eat when you’re on the road?

It can seem like a daunting task to prepare and package food for a trip especially when you have children.  But oh is it important.  You don’t want to risk getting sick from eating out in someplace you don’t know.  Trust me you don’t.  I know because it’s happened to us and it’s not pretty to get the stomach flu or a virus complements of … Continue reading How to eat when you’re on the road?

What Fish is Safe to Eat?

Often times people think they are doing better for their health by eating fish.  Yet we see more and more lab testing in fish and people showing high quantities of toxic metals and other substances including prescription drugs. If you are a Pescatorian or a regular fish eater, know your fish and which ones you should and should not eat.  Below is a fantastic chart … Continue reading What Fish is Safe to Eat?