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Inexpensive DIY Herbal Face Masks

If you have normal to dry skin and keep it cleansed and toned regularly, you need only occasionally use face masks for deeper cleansing and conditioning. If your skin is particularly oily you could use a face mask about once a week to tone the skin, particularly after steaming the face. When you have chosen…… Continue reading Inexpensive DIY Herbal Face Masks

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What am I Eating – Is it Poison? Part 2

Keeping little children healthy can become a frustrating task.  The same goes for the elderly like my 87-year-old grandma. But let’s face it; staying healthy is an issue for everyone regardless of age.  There are many books, articles, classes, and reports available on how to be healthy and have a strong immune system but most…… Continue reading What am I Eating – Is it Poison? Part 2

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Help – I’m sick and I’m Miserable! Part 2

Here goes part 2.  I wasn’t planning on writing about this but given the recent occurrences, it is warranted.  My sister called me freaking out because my niece got lice from a little girl at school.  Now my niece and sister both have it.  So whose house do you think they came over for a…… Continue reading Help – I’m sick and I’m Miserable! Part 2