MOMS – We are what makes the world go round!

First, let me start off by saying that Wonder Woman has nothing on me! You know kids have a beautiful way of reminding you just how insignificant your woes and wants are.  They have a God-given way of completely humbling the hardest of hearts with sweet potato spit up on your freshly dry-cleaned suit. I often think that if I offered a stand-up comedy show … Continue reading MOMS – We are what makes the world go round!

Vitamin D3 your Neighborhood Superhero

I am sure by now you have caught some of the news on vitamin D deficiency and how this can seriously affect your health.  Through the media and hopefully through your own research you may have learned that vitamin D is responsible for: Healthy Bones & Joints Healthy Colon & Digestion Memory & Concentration Breast & Prostate Health Proper Cell Replication Enhanced Immune System But … Continue reading Vitamin D3 your Neighborhood Superhero