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Hi and Welcome to Chemical Free Gal, previously Mom’s Mold Resources.

This site and everything here is a result of my love for family and health and my desire to help others find answers. Prior to starting this site, I ran several international blogs on health and wellness with subscribers in over 200 countries. I also formulated herbal products and chemical-free products for my family, created recipes, and taught classes online and in my local community. This all stopped as my health spiraled downwards. If you’d like to hear a little about my story check out this podcast.

A few minor symptoms started after I started working in and old building. During that time, there were a few remodeling projects while leaks caused wet carpets to smell. I began to feel lightheaded and have nosebleeds.
Fast forward some time and I started to feel really dizzy almost on a daily basis.  I also had daily bouts of extreme fatigue, swelling, and inflammation. My memory started slipping so much so that I could not remember something that someone had told me minutes before. I noticed that my symptoms became far worse when I was in my office.
For the first few years, I pushed myself to work and left home from my office each day barely able to drive and deal with my responsibilities at home. I’d arrive home and crash in bed for several hours.

At work, I actually fainted a few times and dealt with a few bouts of subconjunctival hemorrhages. When this occurred I would rush to my doctor or to the ER. I also began to run fevers (FUO – Fevers of unknown origin) each day after being at work for a few hours and had a very hard time breathing while in the office. I coughed constantly and wheezed almost daily (I do not have asthma, never have). I also was treated for walking Pneumonia several times during the first few years I worked in my office. Around this time my doctor diagnosed me with a Mitral Valve Prolapse, PVCs, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Fibromyalgia, POTS and Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis. He said that my heart and lungs were acting abnormally. He sent me in to see a cardiologist and another specialist for testing and monitoring.

Being sick and having life turned upside down has been hard but it has taught me so much more that I can now share with my loved ones and those around me.

What are you passionate about? Tell us a bit more about yourself.

My number one passion in life is sharing Gods love and hope through his word with people. Secondary to that I am wildly passionate about helping others find answers to their health woes. My passion for health and helping people started when I was a little girl.  I always enjoyed making teas, working with plants, cooking, planting, harvesting, and being covered in dirt, lol.

I’m passionate about healthy food, herbal medicine, eradicating chemicals in our homes and environments, air quality, autism, sustainable living, holistic medicine, and the effects that mold, chemicals, and other biotoxins have on human health.

I am a fun-loving wife and mom and a fighter of a few chronic illnesses that walked into my life unexpectedly after my prolonged exposure to various environmental toxins including toxic mold.  Although I still struggle with my health, it is a great pleasure for me to share what I know with others, to encourage them and teach others about healthy living habits.

Both before and after becoming sick and for over a decade I have passionately taught many people about the benefits of eating organic and living foods. I have been a personal chef and healthy food advocate to people in my local and online community and have developed over 100 recipes for various dietary protocols including Paleo, GAPS, AIP, Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Doug Kaufman Antifungal Diet and a few others.

I truly believe that a balanced diet can be designed to help heal the body from whatever ailments are present. Food can be a powerful medicine or an equally powerful poison.

Why do you care about environmental toxins and chemicals?

Because my health was so severely affected by toxic mold and other contaminants, I am passionate about sharing my story, research and hope with others. As a result of my prolonged exposure (8 years) to various indoor air contaminants and chemicals, I developed ME/CFS, TILT. and was diagnosed with autonomic nervous system damage, Aspergillosis, Vasomotor Rhinitis, POTS, Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis and a few other health issues that affect multiple systems in my body including my respiratory, endocrine, immune and nervous systems. My symptoms were and have been completely disabling. Every single part of my life has been impacted.

This is one of the reasons I am actively involved in teaching others about toxic mold, chemicals, and VOCs and how these toxins can affect our health. Sadly there are not enough people speaking out about the effects of chemicals and other environmental toxins on human health.

Do you offer any classes and if so what are they? Also, did your childhood influence what you are passionate about today?

I used to offer different classes and host talks on a yearly basis but I had to stop due to my health and family dynamics. I do however lead and support various private groups and offer online consultations. My hope is that little by little I will eventually not be so reactive to mold and chemicals and I will be able to resume all of my classes and hosting of events as I did for so many years. As I continue to practice mold and chemical avoidance year after year I am hopeful that one day I will be well enough to do most of the things I did before mold annihilated me. 

My classes can range from teaching people how to prepare Paleo meals, to Vegan meal preparations to learning about harmful things in their environment to learning about the art of herbal medicine making and so much more.  I believe that once people are armed with the proper information they can make wiser choices to improve their overall wellness.  My motto is that we should live our life every day as a gift and then give that gift away every day.
My passion for health is my gift to you via this blog.

My commitment to health is of utmost importance, so when teaching others to craft herbal recipes, cook healthy meals, or when I teach about following a chemical-free lifestyle, I do not use or recommend things containing:  petrochemicals, sodium lauryl sulfate, formaldehyde, mineral oils, parabens, PABA, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, hormones, steroids, hydrogenated oils, processed ingredients, synthetic fillers, etc.

Creating nutritious meals in my kitchen and handcrafting quality nontoxic herbal creations using all that God blessed the earth with, and educating people is essential to me because I never forgot my days as a little girl cutting herbs and pulling up potatoes while walking barefoot in the garden.  That little girl became one of the most important aspects of my mission.  Why?  Well because that little girl represents all of us in our quest for a healthier and safer life.  She is one of the reasons why I do what I do.

That little girl can also be seen in the faces of thousands of poverty-stricken children around the world who die each day because of a lack of proper nutrition and knowledge of chemical contaminants in their water, food, and environment.

What do you desire to accomplish through this blog?

My desire is to equip people with lifesaving knowledge so that they can go out into the world and lead healthier happier lives and impact those who are suffering around them.  If I can’t use my life experiences to help others then what is the point of going through hard times?

In my lifetime and the life of my extended family, I have seen and or encountered: cancer, arthritis, ADHD, asthma, allergies, M.E., PANS, Mold Illness, chronic infections, irritable bowel syndrome, GERD, TILT/MCS, diverticulitis, back injuries, disability, high blood pressure, constipation, burns, eczema, psoriasis, chronic diaper rashes, parasites, depression, nursing, child-birth, multiple childhood illnesses, high fevers, severe chemical sensitivities, MCAS, hormonal issues, bad breath, anemia, bone loss, periodontal disease, and many other health issues.

As I have gone through life and dealt with various health issues in my family and extended family I have sought to learn as much as I can about them and use all that God created to aid us in recovery and prevention. I have spoken alongside pediatricians, holistic practitioners, and other health and wellness aficionados.
In our home, we follow a nutrient-dense, sugar-free, gluten, and sometimes a grain-free diet.

Who inspired you to learn about natural health and chemical-free living?

Sharing all the above with you would not be complete if I did not mention who was responsible for awakening my curiosity for natural remedies, cooking, organic foods, herbs, and chemical-free living.
That would be my dear Papi, my dad who is probably strolling in a heavenly vineyard or dancing with the angels.  My dad was promoted to glory due to medical malpractice, but his love, and teachings are alive and etched in my heart.  Dad, I know you would be proud!

It is definitely not easy, going through life-altering events like losing a loved one or battling with cancer.  My life has been full of hard times, good times and suffering, but I have found that if we survive with grace and faith we can share with others what we learned and make the world a better place.  That is what I strive to do with each class I teach, with each meal I cook, with each product I make and with each article I write.

This journey has not yet ended and each day we face new battles.  As I move forward and try to heal I hope to share with my audience glimpses into my world and all of the knowledge I have acquired on the topic of environmental toxins, TILT/MCS, illnesses relating to toxic mold exposure, Neuro-Immune Diseases and everything else I did before my health declined.

Please be sure to check out our homepage for the latest posts and share them on your social media accounts. I can’t always write everything I would like to so please bear with me as I try my best to provide helpful posts and information to you.

Knowledge is power and the more people we share our story with, the more people will be helped!

2020 Update – I have a new Podcast and a new YouTube Channel
Check out my podcast here!
Check out my YouTube channel here. 

Do you offer Phone and Email Support ?
Yes, please click here for more information on my educational consultations. 
Click here to read reviews and testimonials.

New for Summer 2021
I’m offering five free, twenty-minute phone consultations each month about glutathione and its role in healing. First come, first serve. It is best to contact me at the beginning of each month. You can read about our experience here while taking a nutritional supplement to increase our glutathione levels. On the contact form, please write “Free Glutathione Consultation.” Please note that I get many requests each month and cannot answer all of them due to spaces filling up and scheduling. 
These phone consultations are NOT for medical advise of for me to give you tips on mold and chemical avoidance. 







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