Check out some of my reviews and testimonials from the past 14 years.

Christa U, USA
“Chemical Free Gal is so sweet, compassionate, and kind, and she is ready with tons of information on mold illness and MCS.”

Dr. Colon, board-certified pediatrician, USA
“Her passion for health and quality really shines through in all that she does e.g. products. I have truly enjoyed witnessing how her love for providing wellness for her own family has just been so generously shared with those outside the immediate circle.  I have seen first-hand her dedication to only providing for her family the best natural remedies and seeing how this commitment has paid off in her own children’s and husband’s good health. To see her branch out and officially start sharing all her expertise, I feel, is a gift for the rest of us. This website and products are a result of love for family and wellness. Thank you for letting the rest of us reap the benefits of your efforts!!!”

Judy L, USA
“Chemical Free Gal is very intuitive in her knowledge and recommendations. She helped me get back on my feet when I was injured by contrast dye a few years back. I was not sure I would ever recover, but with her help, I have. She is the most holistically medically knowledgeable person I have been fortunate enough to speak to. Rest assured she will be concerned with your situation and/or condition as if though you were her own family.”

Mindy P. USA Realtor 
When she first began on her journey to better health many, many years ago exploring the world of organics, herbs and supplements to heal asthma and allergies, I thought she was a quack for going to the extremes she did. It wasn’t until my father was diagnosed with lung and liver cancer that I opened my eyes to the possibility that she could be on to something. My elderly and frail father could not live through chemo and I questioned her about different alternative therapies I was researching when much of the information I had found contradicted itself.  She explained what she knew about each of the therapies and encouraged me to discuss them with my fathers medical team. Sadly, he passed away within just a few days before I could do anything. 

Over the years, I have gone to her for her advice on how to naturally heal an array of common ailments and each time her knowledge not only coincided with what I had read prior but surpassed the information I was able to gather. She has been repeatedly ahead of the curve with her research on so many aspects of health. She would suggest certain foods and herbs and tell me every detail about each and their benefits. Then, a few months or even years later, well-known integrative doctors would write articles about the very foods and herbal products she previously shared with me citing the same benefits and healing properties.

I discussed my recent Hashimoto’s diagnosis with her and she immediately suggested that I consult my doctor about doing the GAPS Diet. I took her advice and I cannot tell you what a difference it has made in just a week and a half! Her endless insight and devotion to help heal others is a blessing and quite inspiring! A gazillion thank you’s for making me a proud quack!

Heather W, USA
“For the 2-3 years I’ve followed her, Chemical Free Gal has been on a tireless journey of wellness for herself and others. Informative and compassionate, she’s a great resource for anyone affected by toxicity from mold, chemicals, and the environment.”

Sabryna C, USA
“I met her through a friend who gave me her phone number. I was having severe stomach issues for months, which resulted in suffering from depression and anxiety. I set up an educational consultation on a day I could not even get out of bed, depressed and not knowing where else to turn. Never having met her personally, she prayed with me and spent over 2 hours talking to me passionately on how to change my diet and how to check my environment and gave me ideas on where to start to make the big change to organic.
I was overwhelmed with so much information and hearing how much she knew about what I was feeling and what she believed were the causes. She even told me she would walk with me in Wholefoods and guide me on what to look for on labels and what not to consume. She also gave me names of what vitamins and pro-biotics I could speak to my doctor about for bettering my health. I started my baby steps towards the big change and now I can say my household is 100% organic food. We eat healthier and feel so much better. It’s true what she said, “you are what you eat”.
One thing is for sure, unhealthy foods, processed or high fructose corn syrup, do cause depression, anxiety and health problems. I went to my doctor the other day for a checkup and everyone there was so happy to see me much healthier. When I was sick I was at the doctor’s office 1 to 2 times a week. It sure put a strain in my financial life, now I put more effort into buying healthy food’s that will keep me away from the doc’s office. Thank you CFG for all you have done for me. God Bless your passionate heart and keep doing what you do always.”

Laura M. – USA School Teacher 
I have been getting her health and wellness articles for the past year and have received so much valuable information from her. My first experience was with a recluse spider bite. I used a salve I purchased from her called Mom’s Miracle Salve and was amazed at the results.
I also had to go on antibiotic and afterwards I purchased an organic tea blend with dandelion & peppermint to help cleanse my blood.
The article on Monsanto and genetically modified foods she shared recently was a confirmation for how God is calling our family to eat and what He is calling us not to eat. Additionally I use coconut oil but never really understood the benefits until I read her article on Coconut Oil– before, all I knew was that it was better for me. The last help I received from her was about how to get rid of rats. Know with more and more homes being vacant adjacent homes are becoming a place for these roof rats to congregate. I couldn’t believe we had these but God knew exactly what I needed. Thank You for all your work to give such valuable information for me and my family.”

Kerri K, USA
“Chemical Free Gal has been an awesome source of information and support for my journey with chronic health issues. Love her blogs and articles!!”

Maria A. USA 
I just want to tell you that your products and advice are essential in my life. I use your teas, tinctures, anything I can get my hands on! But the miracle happened a couple of weeks ago when my hand and forearm really hurt from a bad sprain and I decided to use your Thyme to the Rescue salve as a massage cream…well, the pain was gone in a few minutes and it hasn’t come back!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and products, you are a beautiful sister in Christ!”

Laurie with E.P.A.R. Ministries
“She’s a walking encyclopedia with a heart!
To be honest, I don’t know how she does it!  Her children, a husband, this blog, her natural health, environment & herbal researching, speaking engagements and caring for others besides her family…in addition to a full-time job in ministry makes me want to ask her…”What tea are you drinking…I’ll have what you’re having!” I’m tired just thinking about it!  “Chica, do you have a tea that will energize and motivate me too?”  I’m sure by Monday morning before work she will deliver a sample of something to my desk and the joy of the Lord will be all over her!

And therein lays the rub.  No pun intended but if you have an ailment, a health challenge or just want to get healthy, she will have the answer…or if she doesn’t…she will help you find the answer.

Her driving force is to create an awareness of the reality and origin of our food sources and to arm us with information so we can make educated decisions for ourselves and especially for our children.

Hearing her speak motivates me to read more labels, research ingredients and instills a desire in me to take better care of myself.  When I feel better I treat others better…then I can pass it on and together we can be better…feel better for our families, the workplace and do better ministry for the glory of God!  Love you…”

Tracy, Brisbane Australia
I stumbled on to your blog as I was looking for ways to improve my digestion, and after reading about you I feel compelled to email you and say how deeply touched I am by what you write especially by “living life as a gift then giving that gift away everyday”  profoundly moves me and inspires me.
Also for your generosity in sharing of yourself and what you have learned along the way. As I read I can feel the divine connection you have with God, it moves through the words with such beautiful grace. Thank you  Much Love n Laughter”

Holly U. USA
“Her blog is wonderful. Just what we all need and want: sound advice and information from a well-researched, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and caring person. This blog continues to be very helpful for me and an important resource to my desire-to-be-healthy lifestyle.

This past June 2010 I recently asked her what suggestion she had for the moderate rosacea (a chronic inflammatory disorder involving especially the skin of the nose, forehead, and cheeks that is characterized by congestion, flushing, telangiectasia, and marked nodular swelling of tissues especially of the nose) I have had for the last 3+ years and she recommended that I discuss drinking dandelion tea with my dermatologist. She was so sweet to give me complimentary samples of this tea mixed with peppermint (along with a write-up of the great benefits it has) since I purchased some lovely mother’s day gift sets from her apothecary

I began drinking it every other day for 4 weeks, but even within the first week I began to see a real difference in my face that I had never seen before! My cheeks and forehead were less red and had less pimples – this was even true after being outside for hours in the extreme FL heat we have had this summer (heat & hot liquids aggravate rosacea).

After the 4 weeks, my face looked a lot better than I have seen it look in a long time. Even after years of using a facial cream prescribed by my dermatologist I had not seen such a great difference, in a short or a long time. Needless to say, I was overjoyed! Dandelion tea suggests you to take a break after 4-6 weeks, which I am currently on. I wasn’t sure what to expect – maybe the redness and pimples would come back, but that has not happened! I am happy to report that my complexion has pretty much stayed at the level that it had after the 4 weeks.

I will be starting my next session of the tea soon and I plan to drink it at least 1x a day to get the full benefits. I have personally known her for the last 4 years and she has always been helpful, friendly, and generous with sharing her knowledge and suggestions. I highly recommend this blog and her products and consultations. I can’t wait to try more of her new creations soon! God bless you!”

Kay M, USA
“Very knowledgeable on a variety of topics concerning Environmental Toxins, health and wellness, non-toxic living and more. She has helped me through the process of removing toxic products from my home.
Her blog is a powerhouse of information.”

Lisa K. USA
“On many occasions her natural remedies, were helpful in providing relief from simple cold to sinus infections where antibiotics didn’t help.  I even shared her information with my doctor as she recommended. She is a natural when it comes to speaking on natural remedies and her love for it makes her the guru for our family. I know I can count on her to have helpful information or to do research to help us find natural and non toxic solutions for our family.”

S. Dykema USA
I have had awesome results with her products & Blog. I am a daily tea drinker. I have truly loved the teas that I purchased from her. I purchased the fresh dandelion & peppermint organic loose teas.  I use 1/2 tsp of each (per her recommendation) to make the best tea. Dandelion & peppermint both have wonderful health effects…so I am drinking tea that I love while taking care of my body.  I was given free sample of basil herb which I have used on salmon & chicken to add a delicious flavor.
I am hooked on the salve for my dry skin, especially my lips. Her Blogs are awesome.  It has great information for a healthier better YOU! I enjoy reading the posts and receiving her email updates.  I would highly recommend her products & Blog to friends & family.

Marcie V, USA
“This page is full with great information.
I have the pleasure learn many things from this wonderful Gal. My life and the life of my family had improved immensely since I start changing my habits.
It is amazing how environment can affect your quality of life.
Thank you Chemical free Gal for giving us the information that we need to make educated decisions.
Love this page. Please come read and educate yourselves. We only have one life let’s try to live it the healthiest way possible. Thank you again for all the info. Best page I ever find.”

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