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Below is a list of websites, physicians who treat MSC, Mold Illness, and other Illnesses caused by toxins in the environment. You will also find scientific publications, information for clinicians, recommended reading, and free downloads we have collected from various sites over the years.

There is valuable information for families and medical professionals alike. If you run into people who do not believe that toxic mold can make you very sick please share some of the studies below with them.

If you are a clinician please click here to read “Guidance for Clinicians on the Recognition and Management of Health Effects Related to Mold Exposure and Moisture Indoors”

Research and Publications

Case Study: Rapid Complete Recovery From An Autism Spectrum Disorder After Treatment of Aspergillus With The Antifungal Drugs Itraconazole And Sporanox

Mixed mold mycotoxicosis: immunological changes in humans following exposure in water-damaged buildings

Mold Exposure and Mitochondrial Antibodies

Detection of Mycotoxins in Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Mycotoxins and child health: The need for health risk assessment

Chronic Illness Associated with Mold and Mycotoxins: Is Naso-Sinus Fungal Biofilm the Culprit?

Cytotoxicity of occupationally and environmentally relevant mycotoxins

Health Effects of Mycotoxins in Indoor Air: A Critical Review

Concurrent sick building syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome: epidemic neuromyasthenia revisited

Effects of Mycotoxins on Neuropsychiatric Symptoms and Immune Processes

Trichothecene Mycotoxins Activate Inflammatory Response in Human Macrophages

TIME Magazine – Why So Many People Hate Scented Products

Science Direct – Health and societal effects from exposure to fragranced consumer products

Toxins in Everyday Household Products with Anne Steinemann PhD – VIDEO

Mold and Mycotoxins: Effects on the Neurological and Immune Systems in Humans

Download Research Committee Report on Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome Caused by Exposure to the Interior-Environment of Water-Damaged Buildings, published in July 2010.

Mold Exposure Sets Stage for Severe Flu

Read what the EPA has published about mold toxins.

Download the American Academy of Environmental Medicine’s statement on mold toxins and the associated dangers to human health.

Neurological and Immunological Problems associated with Mold and Mycotoxin Exposure

Click here to download a research paper published by Finnish researchers in Applied and Environmental Micriobiology (May 2000) documenting the levels of mycotoxins in building materials contaminated by fungi.

Click here to download a study on the Measurements of Airborne Fungal and Endotoxin Levels in Water-Damaged Buildings

Click here to download a research paper published by government researchers in Environmental Health who found that reducing dampness and mold in residential buildings significantly reduced the number of respiratory infections (November 2010) .

Click here to download an important research paper published by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker in Bulletin of the IACFS/ME (April 2009) about moisture damaged buildings and diagnoses of pediatric chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Click here to download an article that discusses how water damaged building (WDB) illness is often misdiagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Click here to download a research paper published by Texas Tech University researchers in Applied and Environmental Micriobiology  (Nov. 2005) documenting the levels of airborne mycotoxins in buildings with fungal contamination.

Download State of the Art: Bioaerosol Sampling, the Role of Fungal Mycotoxins in Determining the Safety of Building Occupants by ESG’s Craig Whittaker.

Click here to download information from the EPA on mold, toxins and health.

Click here to read an article about Aspergillus, the underrated fungi.

Click here to read an article about systemic candidiasis.

Click here to read about Candida and its role in sick building syndrome.

Click here to read a white paper on fungal aflatoxins from the National Toxicology Program

Click here to read Ten Toxic Mold Mistakes to Avoid from Talk Mold, Comprehensive Mold Discussions

Click here to read Crazy From the Mold?, an article by Dr. Lisa Nagy that addresses the many effects of exposure to toxigenic mold.

Click here to read Environmental Illnesses Gaining Attention from the Cleveland Plain Courier that discusses mold and multiple chemical sensitivity.

Click here for a chart of toxins and molds that produce them.

Click here to view a downloadable page explaining the types of molds: allergen, pathogen and toxin.

Click here to download chapter 34, Trichothecene Mycotoxins, from Medical Aspects of Chemical and Biological Warfare by Drs. Robert Wannamacher and Stanley Wiener.

Other Websites To Visit

Environmental Medicine Doctors in the UK

Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Symptoms Of Mold Exposure, Mold Related Illnesses and Sicknesses

List of Mold Doctors, Environmental Specialists and Clinics 

Paradigm Change 

Surviving Mold

Truth About Mold

Environmental Illness Resource

Dr. Raj Patel 

Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings

Dr. Nagy

Dr. Grace Ziem and Chemical Sensitivity

Understanding Biotoxin Illness

Up to date Toxic Mold Headlines and Related News

Know the Cause

Mold-Help Website

Mold-Survivor Website

Mold, Biotoxin, and Environmental Illness Cure Project

Gordon Medical – Biotoxin Illness Info 

Symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome and Chemical sensitivity after working in a contaminated environment

American Academy of Environmental Medicine

Dr. Jill Carnahan

Information for Medical Professionals

Clinical treatment of Mold Illness
“This page summarizes links to information sources relevant to understanding and treating toxic mold illness, provided by physicians. Some of the information cited here is appropriate for use in educating physicians and other health care providers about the issues involved.”

Download the Environmental Protection Agency’s  Guidance for Clinicians when treating or diagnosing patients who have been exposed to mold and are suffering health complications.

Recommended Reading

Mold The war Within (2010) Kurt and Lee Ann Billings

Back From The Edge (2013) Paradigm Change

Mold Warriors (2005) by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker

Living with Environmental Illness (1998) Edelson Syephen

Surviving Toxic Black Mold Syndrome (2007) by Dr. Mary Beth Short-Ray

When Traditional Medicine Fails, Your Guide to Mold Toxins (2006) James Schaller

Surviving Mold: Life in the Era of Dangerous Buildings (2010) by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker

Click here for more recommended books on toxic mold and chemical injury

Videos on MCS & Biotoxin Illness
Mold expert, Keith Berndtson, MD shares tips about treating and preventing mold toxicity. Chemical Sensitivity in the Average Person – Chronic Health Effects of Mold and Chemicals A presentation and Q&A by Dr. Lisa Nagy, M.D.. Dr. Nagy presented her compelling evidence and recommendations for a healthier world at Creating Safe Havens in a Toxic,…Continue reading

Scientific Study on Exposure to Water-Damaged Buildings, Mold, and Mycotoxins
The Scientific World Journal Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 767482, 20 pages Review Article A Review of the Mechanism of Injury and Treatment Approaches for Illness Resulting from Exposure to Water-Damaged Buildings, Mold, and Mycotoxins Janette Hope Environmental Medicine, 304 W. Los Olivos Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93105, USA Received 15 January 2013; Accepted 10 February 2013…Continue reading

Mold, Mycotoxins, and CIRS with Dr. Jill Carnahan
I had to share a podcast I heard this week. Dr. Ruscio a Functional Medicine doctor out of CA had a very informative conversation about mold, mycotoxins, and CIRS (chronic immune response syndrome) with Dr. Jill Carnahan who specializes is treating patients injured by Biotoxins. If you have a moment to listen to this interview please do. A…Continue reading

How Mold Spores and Mycotoxins Affect the Body
Written by Susan Lillard – Source: Mold spores are in the air everywhere looking for the moisture required to grow. Water from a shower, a leaky faucet or toilet provides all the moisture needed for them to grow and multiply. If dampened wood or sheetrock is not dried out within 24-48 hours, mold will…Continue reading

Mycotoxins that Kill
Mycotoxins are toxins produced by some species of mold (myco means fungal). These mycotoxins are some of the most toxic substances in existence. Ozone is supposed to kill most or all mycotoxins. However the level of ozone you need to kill mycotoxins is not safe for humans. So if you use an ozone generator there…Continue reading

Do You Know what Mold Toxicity Is?
Mold Toxicity – A Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome from Keith Berndtson Peer-Reviewed Studies on Mold Toxicity, Mycotoxins, and Biotoxin Illness I wanted to share the slide presentation above along with a link to various peer-reviewed studies concerning mold toxicity so you can share with any clinicians you know. This is an area that is…Continue reading

How to Handle Mold/Mycotoxin Exposure at Home or at Work – Where To Get Help

Water-Damaged Home Causes Serious Health Issues in Occupants – Case Study
Journal of Environmental and Public Health Volume 2012 (2012), Article ID 312836, 10 pages Research Article A Water-Damaged Home and Health of Occupants: A Case Study Jack Dwayne Thrasher,1 Michael R. Gray,2 Kaye H. Kilburn,3,4 Donald P. Dennis,5 and Archie Yu6 1Citrus Heights, CA, USA 2Progressive Healthcare Group, Benson, AZ 85602, USA 3Neurotest, Inc., Pasadena, CA 91107, USA 4USC Keck School…Continue reading

Recognizing Neurotoxicity – A Fantastic Medical Review

April 23, 2015Mom’s Mold Resources5 CommentsEdit

This is a great write-up by Dr. Raymond Singer and Dana Darby Johnson. A must-read for anyone suffering from chemical sensitivities, mold illness, and neurotoxicity. —————————————————————————————————————————– The symptoms of brain injury from exposure to hazards like lead paint and toxic chemicals vary widely. But there are ways you and your experts can pinpoint the damage and…Continue reading

Is Hidden Mold at Home Making You Sick? ABC News
I always get excited when I see or hear about mold being talked about in the news. There is so much that mainstream medicine does not know and it is time to wake up. Over the years a growing body of evidence has evolved that agrees to the dangers and health issues related to environmental toxins such as those produced…Continue reading

Children & Environmental Toxins – Must Read Info for Pediatricians and Parents

October 25, 2014Mom’s Mold Resources2 CommentsEdit
Adults are not the only ones affected by Mycotoxins, chemicals and other environmental contaminates. From my research and interviews with medical professionals, mold remediators and affected families I can tell you that children especially young children are just as vulnerable as adults to illnesses caused by environmental toxins. One of my favorite doctors who covers…Continue reading

Extreme Chemical Sensitivity Makes Sufferers Allergic to Life
I wanted to share this article since some people who have been affected by mold/mycotoxins later develop extreme sensitivities to chemicals. These sensitivities if severe, dramatically affect the patient’s quality of life and although the patient knows the symptoms are real, people may dismiss their sensitivities as craziness. Souce: Discover Magazine Written By: Jill Neimark Its…Continue reading

Beat the War Against Mold
Learn how to avoid health risks from mold exposure. By Kurt and Lee Ann Billings The Battle Plan; Prevention of a particular illness is often learned after a person has become a bona fide, card-carrying member of the disease’s survivors club. Lesser-known conditions, the ones without hefty public awareness campaigns, take people by surprise. This…Continue reading

Mold Pandemic Sweeping Across America
Written by Dr. Mercola – Source  Jack Thrasher, PhD, is extremely knowledgeable on the topic of mold and how it impacts your health. Interestingly, from a toxicity point of view, some mycotoxins that molds produce are actually far more toxic than heavy metals, in terms of concentration. Mold mycotoxins also tend to affect more biological…Continue reading

Dr. Mercola Speaks About – Healing from Toxic Mold Exposure

June 2, 2013Mom’s Mold ResourcesLeave a commentEdit
By Dr. Mercola Illnesses caused by mold exposure are a growing problem that few people are aware of, including most primary care physicians. Environmental health experts are seeing increasing numbers of individuals with a complex myriad of symptoms directly related to mold exposure. This has resulted in the proposal of a new term to describe…Continue reading

The Severity of Mold Exposure
There is a mold pandemic sweeping across America and affecting millions. Sadly, many people don’t realize that the fungi incorrectly referred to as ‘black mold’ (Stachybotrys chartarum) is a serious problem and it can severely compromise your immune system after a simple exposure.  Another unknown fact is that each type of mold has different effects on…Continue reading

Mold-The Silent Health threat & the Sicknesses it Can Cause

May 23, 2013Mom’s Mold Resources6 CommentsEdit
Report below is by Dr. Mercola Mold in your home, school or workplace can pose a number of serious health problems that you may not realize are related to mold exposure. This article is part of a series of articles I’m writing about this silent health threat. The focus of this particular article will…Continue reading




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