Recommended Books

Below I will share some of the many books that have adorned my bookshelves at home over the years. I’ve read a few of these several times over the years. I know it is an exhaustive list but I believe that knowledge, the right kind is priceless and powerful!
Please check back often as I have about two dozen more books that I need to add to this list.

For recommended reads regarding toxic mold please click here. 

Poisoned: How a Crime-Busting Prosecutor Turned His Medical Mystery into a Crusade for Environmental Victims
Amazon Description: “After years of prosecuting hard-core criminals, rising legal star Alan Bell took a private sector job in South Florida’s newest skyscraper. Suddenly, he suffered such bizarre medical symptoms, doctors suspected he’d been poisoned by the Mafia. Bell’s rapidly declining health forced him to flee his glamorous Miami life to a sterile “bubble” in the remote Arizona desert.
As his career and marriage dissolved, Bell pursued medical treatments in a race against time, hoping to stay alive and raise his young daughter, his one desperate reason to keep going. He eventually discovered he wasn’t poisoned by a criminal, but by his office building. His search for a cure led him to discover the horrifying truth: his tragedy was just the tip of the iceberg. Millions of people fall ill and die each year because of toxic chemical exposures—without knowing they’re at risk.
Stunned by what he discovered, Bell chose to fight back, turning his plight into an opportunity. Despite his precarious health, he began collaborating with scientists dedicated to raising awareness about this issue. Soon, he also found himself drawn back into the legal field, teaming up with top lawyers fighting for those who had already fallen ill.
Both a riveting medical mystery and a cautionary tale, this book puts a human face on the hidden truths behind toxic dangers assaulting us in our everyday environments—and offers practical ways to protect ourselves and our children.”

They’re Poisoning Us!: From the Gulf War to the Gulf of Mexico An Investigative Report
Amazon Description: Ten years ago, investigative reporter Arnold Mann blew the lid off “Toxic Mold” with a series of cover stories and features in Time and USA Weekend Magazines. Now he’s back with the big picture.
In his new book, “They’re Poisoning Us—From the Gulf War to the Gulf of Mexico,” Mann draws our attention to a global health crisis of exponential proportions, a toxic plague that has consumed the lives of tens of millions of Americans, rendering millions housebound.
In “They’re Poisoning Us!” Mann reveals the ugly truths about cover-ups, lies and deceptions by major corporations and government agencies, even medical organizations.   From his Time exposé on the sickening of hundreds in the mold-infested environs of Southwest Airlines’ reservations center in San Antonio, Mann goes on to expose:
*The hundreds of thousands of veterans whose lives have been destroyed by Gulf War illness in the biggest cover-up in American military history.
*The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention turning a blind eye to infants dying in mold-infested inner city housing.
*Thousands of Gulf of Mexico oil spill cleanup workers denied critical protective equipment, for appearance purposes, while key government agencies look on with indifference.
*Wealthy homeowners poisoned in their own toxic mansions.
Mann has painstakingly documented their heart-breaking personal stories, along with medical testimony from renowned physicians and researchers who specialize in this new field of environmental medicine.  In “They’re Poisoning Us,” Mann tells a riveting story of concealment, confusion and insidiously immoral behavior on the part of industry and governmental agencies. He also reveals exciting new scientific developments that are finally producing new treatments for the chemically disabled. This book is a must-read for anyone concerned about their health in our increasingly “chemicalized” world.

Living With Environmental Illness
Good Reads Description: People who have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) are often disbelieved and misdiagnosed. The interaction of low-level chemicals that are constantly present in our environment cause sufferers of MCS to develop symptoms such as fatigue, depression, headaches, sore throats, asthma, chest pains, and circulation problems. In “Living With Environmental Illness”, the authors discuss how the growing numbers of chemicals we’re exposed to daily have contributed to the sharp rise of environmental illnesses in recent years. They provide a checklist for determining whether you may be suffering from MCS, describe the ten developmental stages of the disease, tell how to determine who is most at risk for developing symptoms, and detail lifestyle changes that should be made for living with environmental illness.
In addition, five patient profiles of actual MCS sufferers reveal the highly individualized nature of the disease, and an extensive resource section lists suppliers of nontoxic products and organizations that can help.

Chris Beat Cancer 
Amazon Description: Millions of readers have followed Chris Wark’s journey on his blog and podcast Chris Beat Cancer, and in his debut work, he dives deep into the reasoning and scientific foundation behind the approach and strategies that he used to successfully heal his body from stage-3 colon cancer. Drawing from the most up-to-date and rigorous research, as well as his deep faith, Wark provides clear guidance and continuous encouragement for his healing strategies, including his Beat Cancer Mindset; radical diet, and lifestyle changes; and means for mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. Packed with both intense personal insight and extensive healing solutions, the Wall Street Journal best-selling Chris Beat Cancer will inspire and guide you on your own journey toward wellness.

Amputated Lives: Coping with Chemical Sensitivity
Amazon Description: The condition of multiple chemical sensitivity has been rapidly growing with the proliferation of new, untested chemicals in our environment. In recent decades, people from many walks of life have developed a new intolerance for the chemicals found in perfume, air fresheners, cleaning products, fabric softeners, diesel and auto exhaust, new carpet, paint, and other products. Their ranks include large numbers of Exxon Valdez cleanup workers, Gulf War veterans, 9/11 First Responders, and FEMA trailer residents. Part I of Amputated Lives analyzes the development of chemical sensitivity in these various groups and its consequences. Part II illustrates with stories from various individuals how this condition can quickly wreck what was once a good life.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism, Dyspraxia, A.D.D., Dyslexia, A.D.H.D., Depression, Schizophrenia
Amazon Description: Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride set up The Cambridge Nutrition Clinic in 1998. As a parent of a child diagnosed with learning disabilities, she is acutely aware of the difficulties facing other parents like her, and she has devoted much of her time to helping these families. She realized that nutrition played a critical role in helping children and adults to overcome their disabilities, and has pioneered the use of probiotics in this field. Her willingness to share her knowledge has resulted in her contributing to many publications, as well as presenting at numerous seminars and conferences on the subjects of learning disabilities and digestive disorders. Her book Gut and Psychology Syndrome captures her experience and knowledge, incorporating her most recent work. She believes that the link between learning disabilities, the food and drink that we take, and the condition of our digestive system is absolute, and the results of her work have supported her position on this subject. In her clinic, parents discuss all aspects of their child’s condition, confident in the knowledge that they are not only talking to a professional but to a parent who has lived their experience. Her deep understanding of the challenges they face puts her advice in a class of its own.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body 
Amazon Description: In this groundbreaking new book, Dr. Victor Zeines, D.D.S., shows how examining the mouth can reveal the presence of illnesses or unstable conditions in other areas of the body. He then offers safe, proven therapies that enhance-not lessen-the body’s own healing powers. Among the highly effective holistic approaches he uses are:
Acupressure points to relieve tooth pain
Healing herbal mouth and gum rinses you can make yourself
Natural root canal methods for better results
A special novocaine that prevents palpitations
TMJ adiustment to restore proper tooth alignment and
alleviate headaches
A simple 8-step treatment to knock out gum disease
Minerals that reduce tooth sensitivity

Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders
Amazon Description:Doctors have generally overlooked the connections among the 4-A disorders. For years the medical establishment has considered autism medically untreatable and utterly incurable, and has limited ADHD treatment mainly to symptom suppression. Dr. Kenneth Bock, a leading medical innovator, along with his colleagues, have discovered a solution that goes to the root of the problem. They have found that modern toxins, nutritional deficiencies, metabolic imbalances, genetic vulnerabilities, and assaults on the immune and gastrointestinal systems trigger most of the symptoms of the 4-A disorders, resulting in frequent misdiagnosis and untold mysteries.
 Dr. Bock’s remarkable Healing Program is an innovative biomedical approach that has changed the lives of more than a thousand children. Drawn from medical research and based on years of clinical success, this program offers a safe, sensible solution that is individualized to each child to help remedy the root causes. Dr. Bock also shares the dramatic true stories of parents and children that will inspire you to change the life of your own child. Hope is at last within reach.

How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor: One of America’s Leading Pediatricians Puts Parents Back in Control of Their Children’s Health
Amazon Description: Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, renowned pediatrician and author advises parents on home treatment and diagnosis of colds and flus, childhood illnesses, vision and hearing problems, allergies, and more. PLUS, a complete section on picking the right doctor for your child, step-by-step instructions for knowing when to call a doctor, and much more.

The Fungus Link : An Introduction to Fungal Disease Including the Initial Phase Diet
The Fungus Link Volume 2 
The Fungus Link (Know the Cause!, Volume 3

Herbal Antivirals
Natural Remedies for Emerging & Resistant Viral Infections
Take control of your health! Emerging viruses are becoming more virile and aggressive, and traditional medications are becoming less effective against them. In this companion to the best-selling Herbal Antibiotics, Stephen Harrod Buhner offers in-depth instructions on how to prepare and use herbal formulations to strengthen the immune system and treat viral infections such as SARS, influenza, and encephalitis.

The Herbal Drugstore The Herbal Drugstore is the only place where you can compare mainstream drug treatments and their herbal alternatives for close to 100 common health problems. You’ll find herbs that have the same healing powers as many prescription and over-the-counter medications– only they’re cheaper and gentler, with few or no side effects.

The Big Book of Juices: More Than 400 Natural Blends for Health and Vitality Every Day
With some 405 recipes for fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, and quenchers, this newly updated and expanded edition of Natalie Savona’s essential kitchen guide to juicing now offers health-conscious readers even more. A clever indexing system sorts the juices by key ingredients, by nutrients, and by health benefits. Plus, a simple five-star system rates the effectiveness of the drinks in boosting energy and detoxifying the body, as well as potential benefits for the immune system, digestion, and even skin quality.

The Natural Pregnancy Book: Herbs, Nutrition, and Other Holistic Choices
Reading The Natural Pregnancy Book is like having your own personal herbalist and midwife at your side. Expertly written by Aviva Jill Romm, who has been providing family-centered natural health care for almost twenty years, it guides women through treating the common ills and ailments of pregnancy simply with herbs and nutrition.
Aviva thoughtfully follows the woman’s journey from baby’s conception to birth, describing herbs that can promote and maintain a healthy pregnancy, along with those you should avoid during your term. Her herbal remedies cover such familiar concerns as anxiety, fatigue, morning sickness, and stretch marks. She also discusses the components of a healthy diet, with an emphasis on natural foods. With its detailed information and comforting voice, The Natural Pregnancy Book is a complete primer for the woman who envisions a safe pregnancy as nature intended it.

Naturally Healthy Babies and Children: A Commonsense Guide to Herbal Remedies, Nutrition, and Health
Committed to finding natural ways to care for their children, many parents seek techniques that do not require the invasive procedures and medications often associated with Western medicine. In NATURALLY HEALTHY BABIES AND CHILDREN, midwife and herbalist Aviva Romm offers a comprehensive handbook that addresses the common health issues of children, from newborns to preadolescents. Aviva’¬?s whole-child approach integrates herbal remedies, nutrition, hygiene, and alternative health techniques with supportive, informed parenting. From anemia to whooping cough, each entry includes herbal, dietary, and general recommendations, including tips on when to pursue professional medical care. NATURALLY HEALTHY BABIES AND CHILDREN is indispensable reading for families seeking safe, effective ways to practice healing techniques at home.

The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child 
THE VACCINE BOOK offers parents a fair, impartial, fact-based resource from the most trusted name in pediatrics. Dr. Bob devotes each chapter in the book to a disease/vaccine pair and offers a comprehensive discussion of what the disease is, how common or rare it is, how serious or harmless it is, the ingredients of the vaccine, and any possible side effects from the vaccine. This completely revised edition offers
·  updated information on each vaccine and disease
·  more detail on vaccines’ side effects
·  expanded discussions of combination vaccines
·  a new section on adult vaccines
·  additional options for alternative vaccine schedules
·  a guide to Canadian vaccinations
THE VACCINE BOOK provides exactly the information parents want and need as they make their way through the vaccination maze.

Is This Your Child’s World?: How You Can Fix the Schools and Homes That Are Making Your Children Sick
Find out whether your child’s unexplained illnesses, behavioral problems, or learning difficulties are actually being caused by a sensitivity to substances commonly found in schools.  Leading pediatric allergist Dr. Doris J. Rapp gives you fast, easy, inexpensive solutions in this practical and comprehensive guide to environmental illness.

Is This Your Child?
These are the major symptoms of potentially unrecognized allergies. Does your child suffer from any of the following?  • Allergic Nose Rub • Eye Circles • Red Ears • Red Cheeks • Eye Wrinkles • Aggression • Lack of Alertness • Mottled Tongue •
In this breakthrough book, Dr. Doris Rapp offers a simple yet effective approach to handling “problem” children. Is This Your Child? shows parents how to identify the common foods, chemicals, or common allergic substances that could be the culprits that cause some children or adults to feel unwell or act inappropriately. If your child is always sick, hyperactive, a slow learner, or cranky, the first question you should ask is not “What drug should be prescribed?” or “What have I done wrong as a parent?” Instead, find out the cause.
Dr. Rapp gives sensible suggestions about how these reactions to foods and environmental factors can be recognized, prevented, and treated. With this information, many affected children should feel, act, behave, and learn better. If you can detect unsuspected environmental illness in your child–or yourself–you can change your lives so you’re more content, happy, and free of illness.

Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call
This book was written to increase your awareness about the potentially tragic, harmful effects of the numerous chemicals to which we are all exposed on a daily basis.
This book will help you figure out when and where you were exposed and discuss the many different ways chemicals can affect you and your loved ones.

Mold The War Within MOLD
The War Within will enlighten every homeowner, renter, and employee, who is or could become sick from mold or chemical exposures from floods, hurricanes, sick buildings, and the ever present environmental pollution that affects us all. Revealing interviews with prominent experts on mold and chemical related issues bring to life such topics as the: Effects of mold & chemical exposures on human health; Methods of mold testing; Dangers of antifungal; antibiotic, & steroid pharmaceuticals; Legal loopholes of mold cases, Healing through natural means. Authors Kurt and Lee Ann Billings began researching mold and chemical exposures after their family became gravely ill from toxic Katrina exposures. The Billings expose the prevalence of fungal misdiagnoses and medical mistreatments while chronicling their family’s frustrating, but ultimately successful, quest for effective treatment of mold and chemical exposures from Hurricane Katrina. They detail their months of research and trials and errors and share their inspirational journey of healing, what worked medically and nutritionally for them what didn’t and why.

When Traditional Medicine Fails, Your Guide to Mold Toxins (Good book overall although there were a few things I did not necessarily agree with, but still worth reading)
In 2004, the EPA warned physicians to be on the lookout for both respiratory and neurological symptoms from mold contaminated schools and homes. The latest medical science shows 1 in 4 children are sensitive to low levels of mold toxins. Is your child one of these? Now a “top gun” physician & medical innovator teams up with an accomplished scientist & master builder to clearly explain how even small amounts of hidden indoor mold-produced biotoxins can subtly impact youth behavior, emotions, health and learning. In their easy-to-read prophetic book, they offer solutions based on the latest medical and scientific research that work for both bodies and buildings. . .restoring quality of life to children and parents. Similar to an oil change for your car, our mold toxin Detox program cleans away contaminants in internal fluids in a way that quickly restores children, adolescents, and even adults to health and contentment. Gary Rosen, Ph.D., C.I.E. – A biochemist, trained under a Nobel Prize winner, who has authored numerous advanced text books on mold. Dr. Rosen has performed over 1000 mold inspections. James Schaller, M.D., C.M.R. – A prolific clinical and research physician publishing in 16 areas of medicine, with three books on mold illness.

The poisoning of our homes and workplaces: The indoor formaldehyde crisis 
Discusses many issues with materials used in construction of mobile homes and other dwelling and the health aspects associated with toxic exposure to chemicals.

Pediatric Environmental Health 3rd edition
Amazon Description: From playground to classroom, at home and across town, environmental hazards are all around us – an unfortunate fact of modern life.  And no one is more vulnerable to the adverse health effects these hazards can cause than our children.  It’s no wonder that environmental hazards are among parents’ top health concerns for their children. Yet little time is spent training physicians and other caregivers to recognize, prevent, and treat ailments resulting from exposure to harmful substances and environments. This comprehensive guide puts critical children’s health information and answers to parents’ questions at your fingertips.  From asbestos to radiation, ultraviolet rays, pesticides, asthma, lead, tobacco, childcare and school environments – plus new chapters on global climate change, plasticizers, developmental disabilities, environmental disasters, and more – current information on an exhaustive range of environmental health issues is included. The 3rd edition features 59 topic-based chapters including the addition of 18 new chapters.

–  Background: Addressing Environmental Health in Primary Care

–  History and Growth of Pediatric Environmental Health

–  Children’s Unique Vulnerabilities to Environmental Hazards

–  Individual Susceptibility to Environmental Toxicants

–  Taking an Environmental History and Giving Anticipatory Guidance

–  Medical Laboratory Testing of Body Fluids and Tissues

–  Environmental Measurements


–  Preconceptional and Prenatal Exposures

–  Built Environment

–  Child Care Settings

–  Schools

–  Waste Sites

–  Work Places

–  Environmental Health Considerations for Children in Developing Nations, and Implications for Immigrants and Adoptees

Food and Water

–  Breast Milk

–  Phytoestrogen and Contaminants in Infant Formula

–  Water

–  Food Safety

–  Herbs, Dietary Supplements and Other Remedies

Chemical and Physical Exposures

–  Air Pollutants, Indoor

–  Air Pollutants, Outdoor

–  Arsenic

–  Asbestos

–  Carbon Monoxide

–  Chromium, Manganese, and Nickel

–  Cold and Heat

–  Electric and Magnetic Fields

–  Endocrine Disrupters

–  Gasoline and its Additives

–  Ionizing Radiation (Excluding Radon)

–  Lead

–  Mercury

–  Nitrates and Nitrites in Water

–  Noise

–  Persistent Organic Pollutants – DDT, PCBs, PCDFs, and Dioxins

–  Persistent Toxic Substances

–  Pesticides

–  Plasticizers

–  Radon

–  Tobacco Use and Secondhand Tobacco Smoke Exposure

–  Ultraviolet Radiation

Special Topics

–  Arts and Crafts

–  Asthma

–  Birth Defects and Other Adverse Developmental Outcomes

–  Cancer

–  Chelation for “Heavy Metal” Toxicity

–  Chemical-Biological Terrorism

–  Developmental Disabilities

–  Drug (Methamphetamine) Laboratories

–  Emerging Technologies and Materials

–  Environmental Disasters

–  Environmental Equity

–  Ethical Issues

–  Global Climate Change

–  Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

–  Nontherapeutic Use of Antibiotics in Animal Agriculture

Public Health Aspects of Environmental Health

–  Precautionary Principle

–  Risk Assessment, Risk Management, and Risk Communication

–  Environmental Health Advocacy

Resources for Children’s Environmental Health

Curricula for Environmental Education and Environmental Health Science Education in Primary and Secondary Schools