So many people with chemical sensitivities and conditions like CIRS and TILT are looking for safe housing. Housing that is free from mold, cigarette smoke and chemicals is hard to come by these days.

Many families have opted for tiny homes or converted trailers and they live isolated from buildings and contaminated spaces.

So what can you do if you are chemically sensitive and you need to find safe materials to build or fix your home? How can you build a safe tiny home and what materials should you use?

Where can you stay when you have to travel for vacation or need a place to stay while relocating to a new city?

Below I have compiled a list of helpful resources for building and maintaining a chemical-free home and several links where you can find housing for rent or sale.

Vacation rental primarily designed for people with MCS in beautiful in Sedona, AZ . It is called Retreat Soleil and is managed by France-Marie Martikonis ND. Bedding, kitchen, laundry and personal care products are organic.

Green Travel Lodging – Offers listings for fragrance-free and smoke-free rentals throughout the United States and overseas.

Safe Shelters – Offers a list of safe materials for plumbing, sheathing, framing, insulation, paints, heating devices etc.

My Chemical Free House –  Offers a guide to building a chemical-free, mold-free house. – Offers a guide to building A safer home free from toxic chemicals and mold. ReShelter is a non-profit dedicated to helping people with MCS find safe living spaces and connect with others in the community.

Create Healthy Homes – Provides an exhaustive list for healthy, non-toxic household materials  and building products

Reshelter also lists housing for rent and for sale.

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