On this page, you will find posts where I share hopeful and faith-filled messages. I know firsthand how devastating it can be to live with illnesses caused by toxic mold and chemical injury. I hope you are blessed and encouraged by what you read here. 

A Note About My Faith
Over the years as I’ve sought to raise awareness about health-related topics and as we’ve suffered through so many trials as a family, there is always one question I am asked constantly. 
How do you do it? That question is usually followed by: How can you share hope and help others when you have been through so much?

The answer is simple…my faith sustains me, guides me, and keeps me on track. Without my faith I know I would not be here and I would definitely not have the strength and desire to help others on a constant basis. I’d probably be a selfish brat and only worried about my own pain, my own struggles, and my own life.

I didn’t always believe in God or in what is written in the bible. There was a time when I was very cynical and I questioned everything including God’s existence, Even to this day there are moments when I question, argue and debate God. So I understand those around me who are in that place. I don’t judge anyone for not believing in God. That simply is NOT my place.
My hope is that one day you would know the father’s love for you. 

So what is my faith based on? What do I believe? 

I believe in one God creator of heaven and earth.
I believe that the bible is the inspired word of God.
I believe that God sent His son Jesus to die for our sins.
I believe that Jesus did resurrect after death and is now seated in heaven.
I believe in the indwelling power of the holy spirit and in the baptism of believers.
I believe salvation is a gift from God and accessible to all who heed to His calling.

I believe in the power of prayer to change things, but I also know that God’s will is perfect and although He may not always grant me what I am praying for, He works everything together for my good in the end. I understand that when I’m in a storm I can only see the clouds and the heavy rain above me but God is seated above the clouds and sees when the sun is about to shine through.
I am no biblical scholar and every day I learn more and more about my faith. There are days that I am utterly broken and days when I feel fantastic. Regardless of how I feel, I have made a choice to trust God with my life, even when I can’t understand what is happening. I am learning each day to lean on his strength and guidance.  I believe that each person who loves God and has accepted to follow Christ and His commands should invest the time every day to pray, seek guidance from the Holy Spirit and study the scriptures in depth so no one deceives you.

Lastly, if you see anything good in me. If you think of me as kind and loving or if you have found hope in anything I have shared with you, know that all the good you see in me comes from above. Without God’s strength and grace, I wouldn’t be able to share and encourage anyone. 

Sunday Thoughts on the Losses We Experience Due to Mold Illness & Chemical Injury

The loss and constant suffering of mold illness and chemical injury can feel like you are constantly in and out of funerals. You bury one loss only to find that there is yet another one that you have to bury. Month after month, year after year, these losses can leave you feeling heartbroken, angry, and lonely. The loss of not being able to have children … Continue reading

Random Thoughts on Marriage, Mold Toxicity & Faith

I can’t pretend that I have a perfect marriage, nor can I say that we have always handled everything thrown at us with grace and patience. We’ve tried, but we’ve failed and started over so many times. 
Truth be told, we have fallen flat on our faces. We have quit, screamed, cried, walked away, and felt broken.  Continue reading

Random Saturday Thoughts – Health & Hope

Healing takes time, be gentle with yourself, and don’t compare yourself to others.  Help people along the way. You’re not the only one suffering. Helping others is a beautiful thing. Mold and chemical avoidance are hard. There is no one size fits all solution but healing is possible, so don’t lose hope……Continue Reading 

Mind Your Words When Talking With Or About Someone with Illnesses You Don’t Understand

No matter what you do or how you do it, there will always be people who will criticize you, speak ill, and share false information about you. It’s been my bread and butter for quite some time, and it sucks. In the early years, I remember being at church gatherings and watching people gossip and snicker……Continue reading

Look For The Helpers – Reflections Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic

I just wanted to take a moment to encourage you during these crazy times that we’re going through. I’ve been trying to write this post for the last two weeks but haven’t been feeling well enough to do so. I had a bad chemical and mold exposure that pushed me over the edge and the…Continue reading

Ever had one of those days?

When your house is a mess, the kids are sick, there is nothing to eat in the fridge, it’s raining and hot out and your AC stops working? Maybe you struggled to get up in the morning to go to that job of yours that drives you insane but it pays the bills so you…Continue reading

Mothers Day Reflections – When You’re Chronically Ill

Being severely sick no matter what the disease or disability is, can be life-altering. It can stir up anger, rage, hatred, un-forgiveness, and fear or it can teach us to love, trust, pray harder, grow in humility and release all that we cannot fix to the master fixer of all things broken. This last decade…Continue reading

Life is born…and then the days go by so quickly……

Today my little baby boy turned one.  It seems like just yesterday that we brought him home. Seeing him grow so quickly and missing the days that he was just 6 pounds made me think of everything that I write and speak about. Our Life. It goes by so quickly and we have no guarantees…Continue reading

Green Living: Do you really need that?

You’ve all seen it. It comes in hundreds of colors, shapes sizes and uses.  Some people buy it to feel better while others buy it because they think they need to keep up with the trends of today. Kids need it and can’t live without it.  We train our babies also to want it. But…Continue reading

Why bother?

I have been asked that question a few times.  People have asked why do I bother spending countless hours writing articles for my blog when I get paid nothing and I have no guarantee that what I write makes a difference in anyone’s life. First of all, thank you for your comments and second of…Continue reading

Charlie the Homeless Guy

Today was one of those days that I almost wish I could record to keep as a treasure.  After work, I went out with my husband, our 3 kids, and a friend.  We went to pick up Charlie from the gas station where he was sleeping. I got to meet some of Charlie’s friends.  My…Continue reading

MOMS – We are what makes the world go round!

First, let me start off by saying that Wonder Woman has nothing on me! You know kids have a beautiful way of reminding you just how insignificant your woes and wants are.  They have a God-given way of completely humbling the hardest of hearts with sweet potato spit up on your freshly dry-cleaned suit. I…Continue reading

There Is Always Someone Who Needs Your Help

There is always someone who needs your help. But sometimes we miss how we can help fill the needs of others because we are too busy. Being busy and stressed out all of the time robs us of our joy and our peace.  It also robs us of our health and overall wellbeing. If you are in…Continue reading

Because you have made the Lord your safe place
A reminder during difficult times:

I am a pilgrim in the world, but at home in my God. In the earth I wander, but in God I dwell in a quiet habitation.  C. H. Spurgeon

When all hell breaks loose and everything around me seems like it is going wrong,
I need to remind myself that the Lord is my safe place.
My job may stress me, my friends may abandon me, my health may fail me
but in spite of it all I can dwell quietly in his perfect peace.
I don’t have it all figured out and I have no clue what tomorrow is going to bring
but I know that my redeemer holds tomorrow in his hands.
So during stressful and difficult times like these I must remember that although my strength may fail me his strength carries me.
Although my energy is lacking his spirit is ever present.
Although tomorrow may cause me to doubt I can trust that His word is true.

I must remember that nothing is impossible for God and although I don’t understand my circumstances I can renew my strength each morning and night when I pray.
I must remember that he goes before me in my battles and leads me to quite waters when my soul is weary.
I must remember that although I am imperfect, his ways are perfect and I can trust them.

A Prayer for Weakness – Upon the Waters -& Amidst the Desert
I wanted to share a prayer I wrote for when I cannot see nor know what God is doing in my life. May you be blessed and your spirit made strong.

You called me out upon the waters…..to the great unknown.

You called me apart to the desert…….to experience the arid climate of the human soul.

You called me to set my feet firm on sinking sand.

To look up to you,
to keep my eyes fixed on you,
regardless of the ground beneath me.

My heart yearns for you so, and is so heavy that I cannot sing my praises to you,
only pray silently,
that your spirit would govern overall this unrest, weakness, fear, and uncertainty that has woven webs around your servant.

Please hear my prayer, oh Lord, Let your glory shine down from heaven.

That this broken vessel would be filled with your power and made whole in your sight.

“And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly, therefore, will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

You called me out upon the waters…..to the great unknown.

Yes, you called me to wander in the desert,
to witness your great hand at work.

And although the heat may wither a thousand flowers, and there may be no water to drink.

I know that I am safe
under the shadow of your wings.

Although I cannot sing,
your praises are in my heart.

Although I cannot see what you are doing, I know your spirit goes before me.

Hear your servant, oh Lord,
let your glory shine down from heaven.



Greatness is Born Out of Many Trials – Be Encouraged
It is not about how many times you succeed at something. The real magic lies within all the times you failed, cried, brushed the dust off your feet and stood back up.

Today, no matter where you are in your physical, spiritual and emotional health, know this: Greatness is born out of many trials and many failures and what you learn through them.

It is standing up and deciding to keep moving that makes you succeed. So keep moving!!!

As the Bible teaches: You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand. John 13:7

“In this life, we have an incomplete view of Gods dealings, seeing His plan only half finished and underdeveloped. Yet once we stand in the magnificent temple of eternity, we will have the proper perspective and will see everything fitting gracefully together.”
Streams in the Desert.
Although the clouds may roll in and all we see is darkness, although we may fall and find it hard to get back up, God sits above the clouds and see’s the majestic sun that is about to break through. Lets just trust Him!



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