Washing Moldy Clothing, Mycotoxins & Losing Everything

Have you been affected by toxic mold and are wondering about your clothing and other cloth items? In this video, I’m covering the following topics: -What do I do with my moldy clothing, bedding, and other cloth items? -Does Ammonia and EC3 work to clean moldy clothing? -Are all black molds toxic? -What is a toxic mold and how can it impact my health. -Can I bring moldy clothing into my new place? -Will ammonia neutralize toxic mold? -What about my bedding and mattress? -What defines success when trying to clean moldy clothing? -Don’t assume washed items are safe. What guidelines can I follow? -I have Stachybotrous aka black mold can I keep my stuff?

Moldy packages, library books, thrifting, your safe space and more.
I’m talking about the following things in this video -Contaminated mail and opening packages outside. -Are library books safe? -Can one contaminated item cause disabling symptoms? -Some people may think you’re crazy. -Can friends and family gift you things from their moldy and or fragranced home? -We must have a detective mentality. -Is thrifting safe? -Most homes in my area have toxic mold issues, not just 60%. Let me know if you found this helpful. If you think this is valuable information and would like me to share more, please like, share, and comment below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe so you can be notified when I post new videos.

The Connection Between Toxic Mold and MCS
I created a video to share the connection between my toxic mold exposure and going on to develop chemical sensitivities and intolerances. Please note that toxic mold exposure is NOT the only cause of MCS but it does seem to play a big part in many women I know and have interviewed. In this, video I talk about the importance of sleeping in a clean environment, mold avoidance, healing from MCS, and a lot more. I also mention being practical during your first mold avoidance experiment. The reason for conducting this experiment is to see how you feel while you are away and to determine what could be going on inside of your body. The sabbatical can also help you determine if there could be mold in your home, making or keeping you sick. In the video, I forgot to mention that this advice is just the first step and that the goal is to return to the place you suspect is making you sick, and see how you feel upon re-entry.  Often when you do this you’ll be alerted by your body right away if there is a problem in your dwelling. 

Mold Testing Isn’t Enough, No Mold Legislation in USA, Mold Misinformation and More
In this video I’m chatting about the following things:
Beware of mold assessors and remediation companies that say mold cannot make you sick or that it can ONLY affect those with compromised immune systems.
Mold Testing isn’t enough and will never be enough.
A proper mold inspection is paramount.
Mold Gurus still sharing mold misinformation.
There is currently no legislation in the US regarding toxic mold.
Still waiting to find someone who was very sick and healed after returning to their remediated water-damaged home.
Location matters
Molds interacting with toxins in the environment.
Before hiring anyone make sure they are seasoned, qualified, and licensed. Ask them to leave if they don’t believe mold can make a healthy person or a healthy child sick. An additional note: Mold testing and a proper inspection are tools secondary to how you feel inside of a space. If you’ve inspected, tested, and remediated and still feel sick, always go with how you feel. In my experience, I’ve seen time and time again that in many cases, no amount of remediation will make a place safe for those injured by mold.

Mold, Mycotoxins & Mitochondrial Dysfunction, PANS & Mold Exposure, Autism & Antifungals + More.
I’m growing really tired of hearing that exposure to toxic mold cannot affect you. In today’s video, I share a bit of my frustration with people who don’t believe the truth about toxic mold exposure. I share a few studies that discuss how mold and mycotoxins can cause certain conditions. Links to those studies are provided below. I share some of the symptoms we had when while exposed to Stachybotrous and I share a heart-to-heart message about PANS a form of Autoimmune Encephalitis.  I’m also talking about:  – Not all molds are toxic. Not all mold is the same. – Toxic Mold can cause PANS (Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome) and or worsen existing PANS. – Some PANS symptoms can include spitting, cognitive decline, irrational fears, night terrors, bedwetting, and more. – Please don’t criticize PANS/PANDAS parents and mind your comments. -Some of our symptoms while in Stachybotrys -Stachybotrus is the hell of all molds

What Does It Mean To Be Masked & Unmasked in Regards to Fragrances & Toxic Mold
How often do you find that it is hard to express just how strong a friend or family member’s perfume is or how awful their fabric softener makes you feel? What does it mean when someone says that you are masked and unmasked? I dive into these topics and more in this video.  I’m discussing:
– How is a person masked and unmasked?
– Why cant people who use fragrances and chemicals pick up on how strong they are?
– What can friends and family do to notice chemicals and fragrances around them?
– My unmasking mold sabbaticals and what I saw when I went overseas and came back to the moldy building where I worked. 
– Going camping as a first step to becoming unmasked as it relates to toxic mold.
– Check out for a powerhouse of information if you’re working on avoiding mold.
– New Fb group for people avoiding mold is called “Mold Avoidance Community” This group is managed by Solona the fellow mold avoider that shared her easy explanation on being masked and unmasked as it related to toxic mold.

May Is MCS Awareness Month. Why Do We Call Ourselves Canaries? Do Chemicals Affect Everyone?
May is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month. MCS is also known as Environmental Illness, Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance, and Environmentally Acquired Illness. In Spanish, it is referred to as Sensibilidad Química Multiple and or Intolerancia Ambiental. This illness can be brought on after a toxic injury. Many people develop it after one significant exposure or after multiple exposures. Exposure to construction chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, chemical spills, etc can cause MCS. It can also be brought on after toxic mold exposure. Developing this crippling illness over a decade ago pushed me into researching and connecting with other moms who were struggling too. Over the years I’ve met women who also ran businesses, raised kids, and were leaders in their community and in their churches until this illness walked into their life and crippled them. Being affected by chemicals and by products that contain fragrances forces many to live as if they were in prison. It is an illness that is extremely isolating. It is not very well understood by doctors. There is hardly any support from loved ones, churches, and the medical system. The very people that need to offer help and support often shun us. This condition is not psychosomatic or something people make up for attention. I would never make up losing precious moments with my children and family in an effort to get attention. That is simply preposterous. If you know someone who can’t go to many places because of chemicals and fragrances please try to be a shoulder they can lean on. If you know someone who is bed-bound due to this condition, be their advocate, not the biggest critic. Please don’t question their symptoms. Don’t make them feel as if what they are experiencing isn’t real. There are many studies done on this condition that shed light on how crippling this illness can be. Although they are few there are doctors all across the globe who help patients with this condition.

Can mold make anyone sick? Do I need certain genes to be affected by mold? Are all molds the same?
I’m clearing up some misinformation regarding Toxic Mold in this video. For the record, exposure to toxic mold can make a healthy person very sick. It doesn’t respect age and isn’t something you fix with bleach. Something that is toxic acts as a poison and can affect every part of your body, down to your cells. You don’t need specific genes to be poisoned by mold. This is a misconception. Anything that acts as a poison has the potential to cause damage to any living thing, regardless of genetic makeup. Can some people get sicker because of their genetic predisposition? Yes, but that is very different from saying that toxic mold only makes people with specific genes sick. Another misconception is that toxic mold can only affect people with compromised immune systems. Big fat lie. It can cripple the healthiest of people. What mold lies have you heard or been confused by? Click the link in my video for more information and resources on toxic mold. 

MCS Awareness – Wellness Practitioners Using Fragrances & Air Fresheners Doesn’t Make Sense!
As part of my MCS Awareness Month posts, today I’m discussing fragrances in beauty products, perfume, and air fresheners and how these products cause disruptions to our endocrine system. So many wellness practitioners are so adamant about teaching their patients about healthy eating, toxic mold, and chemicals in the environment, but they don’t think twice about bathing themselves in perfume and using air fresheners in their offices. I’m also chatting about: -Just exactly what are we using on our skin and why? -Avoiding toxic mold and spraying down with products that contain petrochemicals doesn’t make sense. -Fragrances cause stagnation in our lymphatic system and disrupt endocrine function. -You can make your own beauty treatments and skip the use of perfume. Check out the links below my youtube video for helpful resources on this topic.