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I got into a little discussion with my son this week because he begged us to take him to a new Frozen Yogurt store close by.  I lovingly explained that unlike what most people believe, frozen yogurt is not healthy at all, it’s a scam.  I heard a first hand experience from my cousin in California who opened up a frozen yogurt shop and has since sold her store and ventured off into bigger and better things.
The stuff is anything but healthy and if they don’t clean the machines properly, you are being exposed to nasty bacteria.   My cousin told me that she would clean her machines daily but she found out that other establishments did it every 2 weeks which altered the taste of the product and became a health code violation.
You will find the article below, that my friend over at Natural News wrote last year on this topic, to be very interesting and eye opening on the frozen yogurt scam.  Want a free recipe to make your own yummy supper healthy raw ice cream at home?  Click here.
It did not even occur to me that people thought frozen yogurt was a “health food” until I spent some time in the USA. There, people line up in droves at frozen yogurt stores to buy a junk food that they’re convinced is good for them. And why is it good for them, in their own minds? Because it’s “yogurt.” 

I actually went to the trouble of visiting a line of people at a frozen yogurt store and asking several people there if they could name the ingredients in the frozen yogurt they were buying. Not one of them could. Most just said, “Yogurt.” (Are you detecting a pattern here?)

Upon further investigation, I found that frozen yogurt retailers don’t make it very easy for you to find out what’s actually in their products in the first place. They don’t print ingredients on the products they sell, and even their websites make it virtually impossible to find this information.

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  1. WOW I had no idea. It is tricky dealing with regular yogurt so this doesn’t sounds crazy at all. I don’t eat frozen yogurt but I know alot of people WHO DO. I will definitely pass on this information. Great post

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