I’ve always despised going to the dentist. Cleanings have never been a favorite, the sound of that pesky little dental drill has always made me cringe.
For the chemically sensitive, trips to the dentist have to be handled with care.
Here are just a few thoughts to consider prior to a dental appointment, for those with an autoimmune disease, Mycotoxicosis, Mold Illness, TILT, Autism, PANDAS, and MCS.

**Please note that children with PANS/PANDAS, Autism and Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance may react to the local anesthesia used at the dentist’s office since it contains epinephrine. Parents in various forums have commented on how this ingredient causes PANS and PANDAS flare-ups and aggressive or erratic behavior. If anesthesia in absolutely needed it can be requested without epinephrine.**

-Be careful with materials used for fillings, implants, and cleanings. 
“The best dental practitioners will first perform a serum compatibility test to assess the response of the patient’s immune system to a variety of different dental materials. The patient will be supported with supplements designed to boost the immune system prior to the dental procedures. Toxicity is highly variable between patients. A titanium implant may cause no issues in one patient, but may cause a host of problems in another. When any metals are placed in your mouth patients can be prone to a variety of different electro-chemical effects eg people with ES may suffer from increased sensitivity, inflammation, pain and nerve shocks, ulcers and inflammation. A variety of different options do exist. For example, ceramic dental implants and zirconia implants, tend to be better tolerated by some sensitive individuals.” From http://www.naturaldentists.co.uk

-Avoid all tooth coatings and fluoride varnish
These products are often made with ingredients that are not easily tolerated by people with MCS, Mold Illness, autoimmune diseases, and Mycotoxicosis. Application of these products can cause Central Nervous System Depression manifested by headache, dizziness, drowsiness, incoordination, nausea, slowed reaction time, slurred speech, giddiness, and unconsciousness.

-Avoid Anesthesia if at all possible and if you must have it, always ask for the ingredients and be sure you do not react to them.
From personal experience, I can tell you that after becoming sick I can no longer tolerate anesthesia as I had previously before my illness. My dentist injected me 6 times to try to numb me for a procedure and the results were disastrous. Immediately after the injections, my BP dropped very low and I developed pain in my neck and a migraine. I spent the entire day in bed afterward with heart palpitations, migraines, muscle spasms, swelling and pain all over my neck and shoulders. This had never happened to me in the past prior to working in a sick building and becoming ill. So lesson learned, I keep my teeth as healthy as I can and I avoid unnecessary procedures, fillings and anesthesia like the plague.

-Do not have amalgams removed by an inexperienced dentist unfamiliar with biological and holistic dentistry
If you decide to have mercury fillings removed, you need to take high doses of antioxidants before, during and after removal of mercury. source

Taking care of our oral health is extremely important yet it is often overlooked when we are sick. To keep my gums and mouth healthy I have practiced oil pulling with coconut oil and rinsing out with an herbal mouthwash each night. To avoid gum disease I also make sure I take adequate amounts of:
Vitamin C
Vitamin B complex
Coenzyme Q10
Vitamin D
Olive Leaf Extract

With my diet, I avoid all processed sugars and most grains which can lead to tooth decay. I drink copius amounts of fresh pressed green juice and from time to time I also drink bone broth for its mineral content.  If you need some ideas and recipes please click here.

Hope you found this helpful.
God bless you!

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