May is Toxic Injury Awareness Month, it is the month to share, speak awareness and make your voice heard concerning Environmental Illnesses and Invisible Disabilities like TILT (Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance), MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) and ME (Myalgic encephalomyelitis). Please share these short videos and links below with friends, family, coworkers, churchgoers and everyone in between so they can hear some facts on what MCS is and how it can affect us in the workplace etc. The second video is a trailer to Unrest, a fantastic heart-wrenching documentary on ME. Many people with MCS also suffer from ME and viseversa. These are serious life-altering conditions.

you can find out more about MCS and how it affects people.

Here you can read about Toxic Fragrances in Aveda & Other Beauty Products

Here you can find an MCS guide for hospitals

Here you can read a March 2018 Study that found that That One in Four Americans Suffer When Exposed to Common Chemicals

Here you can read about Hidden Hazards In Common Consumer Products & Their Effect On Indoor Environments & Health – a lecture by Dr. Anne Steinemann Lecture

Here you can read about treatment for MCS

Here you can read Myths and Facts About Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Here you can read about MCS and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Here you can read How to Become Fragrance-Free.

Here you can find videos and information in Spanish about MCS

Here you can find MCS medical research published from 2000 to June 2016

Here you can read a Scientific Study on what Exposure to Water-Damaged Buildings, Mold, and Mycotoxins does to human health

Here you can find out what Toxic Injury Awareness Month is all about


Here you can watch a documentary by a father on Toxic Chemicals in Children’s Clothing

Here you can read about Neurotoxicity and how to recognize it

Here you can watch an interview with Anne Steinemann Ph.D. about Toxins in Everyday Household Products

Here you can read about how to prevent chemical injury

Here you can read an article written by a scientist discussing the 4 stages of MCS

Here you can find out about Chemical Free Housing and Tiny Homes

Here you can find info on reactivity testing for MCS

Here you can read about how toxins and mold can lead to MCS and ME

“Patients who present with complaints of MCS deserve a comprehensive objective evaluation. If this is performed, a high percentage will be shown to have abnormal test results. This is true if the central and peripheral nervous systems, as well as pulmonary and immune functions, are tested. Also, anatomical changes are frequently found in the nasal passages on close inspection. By contrast, CBC and blood chemistry are usually within normal limits. So are findings on general physical examination.
Whenever possible, longitudinal studies should be performed in which the patient is used as his/her own control. Increases in TA1 cells and chemical antibodies can then be seen following self-reported unintentional exposure and are therefore suggested as markers of MCS.
Our results suggest diagnostic criteria for MCS. These are sorely needed as the number of patients who claim disability as a result of MCS is growing. Millions of dollars are potentially at stake as claims increase. Patients who are truly sick deserve attention and help from industry, housing authorities and government agencies as well as physicians. Patients who make unjustified claims should be quickly identified.
Patients and industry and government are all in need of a practical approach to the diagnosis of MCS. We believe that our findings are pointing the way to such an approach.” Source

Here is a helpful flyer you can print out and share with establishments violating the ADA.
ADA flyer2
Below is a very informative video by Canadian Dr. John Molot who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Ottawa in 1971. He is an expert in the area of environmental medicine and has seen over 12,000 patients. This video can be shared with clinicians, scientists and people suffering from MCS. The video goes into detail and helps clinicians understand the biology of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Please share and help spread awareness about this disease.

For more information and medical research on MCS and other Invisible Disabilities please check out the links below.

Informational Handout for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis /Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)

Clinician Handout for ME/CFS by Dr. Lucinda Bateman and Dr. Susan Levine

Environmental Sensitivities-Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Status Report

Academic and Clinical Perspectives Ontario Centre Of Excellence In Environmental Health

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia Environmental Sensitivities/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

The Medical Perspective on Environmental Sensitivities

Description of Environmental Sensitivities by Environmental Health Association, Canada

1999 MCS consensus statement published in the May/June 1999 issue of Archives of Environmental Health


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