New Tee Shirt for Chronical Illness Warriors – “I Don’t Feel as Good as I look.”


The other night I was in a group chat with a few of my sweet friends. These are moms who have been affected by toxic mold and chemicals. We were discussing how frustrating it is when people make snarky comments because you look good but all the while they are trying to downplay your illness.
So as a joke, I said I would make us a shirt, lol and I did.

This tee is a great conversation starter. 

Click here to order and to see other designs I have available for sale, like my “Choose Kindness” tee. 

Would you mind sharing this post with your fellow chronic illness warrior friends so together we can keep educating and raising awareness?💛

I designed this tee shirt as a conversation starter and to raise awareness for MCS/TILT, Mold Illness, CFS, Fibromyalgia, PANS and many other Invisible Illnesses.

In an effort to be transparent, I want to disclose that if I get any orders, I will make around $15 for each of these long sleeve shirts. The company where my merchandise is listed takes the rest of the profit to cover their costs.

Any additional income aside from my income, helps our family, as my husband has been unemployed since our first mold saga and things have been really rough. We have so many medical expenses and other urgent needs that we can’t cover right now due to not having funds. The list of needs and upcoming challenges is quite extensive and a bit overwhelming, so I am very thankful for your support. 😍 Its a blessing to our family.💛

With Love,
Chemical Free Gal 

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