Chemical Sensitivity Symptoms Poll

This poll was conducted in the Moms with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Facebook group in May 2017. A total of 18 people participated, with the results listed below. The question read: Which Item/s help best with your MCS symptoms?  chemical avoidance 100% (18 respondents) organic food 67% (12 respondents) mold avoidance 45% (8 respondents) air purifier…Continue reading

Poll – When did you first start to experience intolerance and sensitivity to chemicals?

This poll was conducted in a private group for Moms with MCS in June of 2017. Poll results provide further confirmation that mold exposure can lead to chemical sensitivities and a TILT/MCS diagnosis. Based on results 59% of women with MCS polled started to have MCS symptoms after their mold exposure, this has also been seen…Continue reading

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