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March 2013

* These products may not be suitable for people with MCAD and or chemical intolerances as they do contain herbal extracts and some essential oils. When I reviewed these products I was still able to tolerate low to moderate use of essential oils in soaps.*

A few weeks ago I received the loveliest complimentary box of soaps and goodies from Abundance of Soaps.  First off let me say that the founder and owner is a sweet, sweet lady.  She not only makes amazing natural soaps but she gives back to her community too, which makes her a favorite on my list.

Now getting back to the soaps.  As I opened the box I experienced the delicate fragrance of peppermint which was so refreshing it almost felt like I had an unwrapped candy cane in my hands.  As I pulled out each soap, hints of many different herbs like lavender, cinnamon and lemon followed.  These I must admit are some of my favorite herbs.  But what I really loved about each soap was the variation in color, texture and scent.  Each bar is like a work of art, truly beautiful.

I believe in supporting companies like Abundance of Soaps because they craft soaps that do not contain synthetic fragrances or parabens.  They also do not use synthetic dyes or chemical additives which is important to me because I started becoming sensitive to chemicals a few years ago after starting my new job.
Each soap is handcrafted with love and contains organic flowers and herbs from their own farm.

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It’s hard to pick a favorite soap out of the ones I received because they all were amazing.  My husband absolutely fell in love with all of them too!
However, in regards to herbal history I would have to say that the soap I enjoyed most was “The Legend of the 4 Thieves” bar.  The ingredients boast antibacterial and antiviral properties and the bar smells richly of cinnamon, rosemary, cloves and eucalyptus.  This legend is an amazing story, to read more about the story behind this soap click here.

I also received a sample of lip balms and moisture bars that were very moisturizing and smelled divine.  To find out more about Abundance of Soaps click here.  

You can view a list of all the products they offer below:

Baby & Mama Products

May God bless the hands that make these lovely soaps and may you never cease from doing good and sharing with those who are in need.

Lots of Love

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