bubbas1.jpgOkay so there are few commercial snacks I get excited about and this awesome brand has definitely caught my attention and my taste buds. At home, I usually make all of our grain free snacks from coconut milk to cinnamon buns, sprouted granola and strawberry filled empanadas. Although I love being in the kitchen and creating new recipes; every once in a while this organic gal gets tired and I am on the hunt for a quick and healthy snack I can purchase on the go. The winner is usually Inca plantain chips or a bag of sprouted raw nuts.

But seriously, I hope my local health-food store starts to carry these babies soon because they are off the chain amazing. So just what am I talking about?
Bubba’s Fine Foods, a new snack food provider that started up in 2014! I found them on Instagram and they were sweet enough to ship me a box of goodies to try.
Right out of the box my oldest and I loved their Chipotle Honey BBQ Snack Mix which is my favorite pick from all their products (ingredients pictured below). This snack is delightful, full of flavor, not spicy and perfectly salted and sweet. It is made with honey not processed sugar which is a plus and makes it Paleo friendly. I only wish that ingredients were certified GMO free or organic, that would make these beyond perfect. This is by far my favorite product offered by Bubba’s Fine Foods.

Second runner up is the Original Snack Mix which tastes somewhat like the Chipotle mix minus the chipotle and BBQ flavor, lol.
My third favorite snack is the Vanilla flavored UnGranola. Just the right amount of honey meets coconut slices and thinly sliced nuts. It makes a fantastic cereal substitute. I even baked with it, using as a crust for a cheesecake I made and it came out delicious.

These snacks are definitely on my list of all time favorites and highly recommended for everyone especially my Paleo and grain free peeps out there.
If you haven’t checked out their goodies please head on over to their site. If you want to see their products at your local store try asking your store manager which is what I plan to do.

A big pat on the back to Bubba the chef and to his brother Jeff, you guys rock!
For more information please visit their website: http://bubbasfoods.com/

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