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For those who have followed my blog and attended my classes over the years, you know how much I love the real food products created by Jordan Rubin. From the Garden of Life brand to the amazing Beyond Organic food he sold in previous years, his insight and love for living food has been a real inspiration to me.

Back In February I had the pleasure of chatting with Jordan at a health conference. That day I found out about an amazing new product line he developed called Get Real Nutrition and so naturally I asked if I could do a review for my audience. As mentioned on the Get Real Nutrition site they are a family-owned company that is fully committed to quality, transparency and authenticity.

“Jordan has been studying nutrition and wellness for a number of years, and during the course of his study he found that everything we put into our bodies starts with caring for the soil and creating productive, self generating systems. Upon learning about the science behind permaculture, Jordan knew this was going to be a key tenant in our culture at Get Real Nutrition.” source

And so with the knowledge Jordan has gained over the years and his experience in health and nutrition, a new product line was born.  The Get Real Nutrition brand has some pretty amazing science behind why and how they do what they do. If you have a moment click here to read about their process.

Fast Forward. A few weeks after the conference I was blessed with a little box at my door. (Girl jumps up and down)
Why the excitement? Well honestly, there aren’t many real food products out there that promise their customers the following things:


So back to the box. I opened it up and immediately wanted to taste the Fermented Super Juice Immune. The main ingredients are fermented and sprouted purple maize, pomegranate, grape and garlic.

Although I do not eat any type of corn I wasn’t worried about trying it because the grain used (maize) is fermented and sprouted. It is also carefully cultivated and stored. My issue with corn even various heirloom types is that they can be contaminated with mycotoxins. The same goes for soy, peanuts, sugar beets, some types of brown rice and other grains. Some of these crops are cultivated and improperly stored allowing for mycotoxins (toxins produced by some species of mold) to contaminate the food.
Thankfully, the maize used in the Fermented Super Juice immune blend is an ancient grain from South America and I’ve actually eaten it on multiple occasions both when I lived in and visited Ecuador.

One of the traditional drinks I made as a child was Colada morada. It is a traditional Ecuadorian drink made using sprouted or regular purple maize flour, herbs, fruits and spices. Sprouted purple maize flour is also used in cakes, desserts and other dishes.
The purple maize Jordan uses is the super hero of all maize. It grows at elevations higher than 10,000 feet and the indigenous people of Peru and Ecuador have used it for centuries in their meal preparations. What excites me is that not only is the maize sprouted but it is fermented which makes it a powerhouse of nutrients and beneficial bacteria for our second brain (aka our Gut).

When I saw the finely ground powder I thought for a moment and instead of drinking it I decided to first make a dessert with it. So I set off to prepare some strawberry marmalade jelly bites. I used organic strawberries, grass-fed gelatin, clean water, coconut nectar and a few scoops of Fermented Super Juice immune. I also added a few scoops of Fermented Super Juice immune powder to my homemade marshmallows to give them an amazing healthy boost. Both of these recipes are still being developed and tested so that I can post them to my site. I also used it in my raw yogurt and sprinkled some over my homemade cashew ice cream.

Being the smoothie fanatic that I am I did set out to make a few delicious smoothies using the Real Probiotic Cleanse and the Multi Metabolite Brain (see recipes below).
The Real Probiotic Cleanse was an amazing addition to my morning smoothies.

For years I suffered with constipation until about 15 years ago when I began to change my diet. Every now and then though I don’t drink enough water or get enough clean fiber and I fall behind on my bathroom dates, lol. The Real Probiotic Cleanse is a bit like a probiotic. The capsules can be opened up in your smoothie or taken with water. I decided to open up 3 capsules in my smoothies for 3 days and noticed a difference in my digestion and bathroom visits. I must add that I also take the Garden of Life Raw Probiotic every day which is one of my favorite probiotics.

The Multi Metabolite Brain is definitely and interesting blend containing sprouted and fermented ingredients, herbs like bacopa, ginko, periwinkle, chili pepper and other adaptogenic and anti-inflammatory herbs like Ashwagandha and Turmeric.  It was created to help support healthy brain and nervous system function.
Based on my experience with making herbal medicine over the years I know each person will react differently to the various components in these herbs. While I may feel a sense of calm and relaxation another person may experience a boost in energy. The great thing about this blend is that it is so complete. Lots of great foods and herbs that have been proven to help brain function. Please take a moment and read about the ingredients by clicking here.

The best way to use the Multi Metabolite Brain in my opinion is in a smoothie.

Below are some of my recipes for both the Real Probiotic Cleanse and the Multi Metabolite Brain.

get real3.pngBerry Yummy Clean Gut Smoothie
½ cup organic frozen blueberries
½ large banana
1.5 cups clean water or organic rose petal tea
3 opened capsules of Real Probiotic Cleanse
1 tsp. coconut sugar (optional)

Blend and enjoy. Can be made in the morning on an empty stomach.

Herbal Green Smoothie Detox
¾ cup frozen mangoes or strawberries
1.5 cups organic dandelion tea
3 opened capsules of Real Probiotic Cleanse
1 large kale leaf
1 tsp. coconut sugar (optional)

Blend and enjoy. Can be made in the morning on an empty stomach.

Mango Coconut Protein Boost
¾ cup frozen mangoes
3 Tbsp. raw sprouted pumpkin seeds
2 cups coconut water or clean water
1 scoop of Multi Metabolite Brain

Blend and enjoy.

Coconut Spiced Milk Shake
1 cup of frozen coconut milk ice cubes (freeze homemade coconut milk ahead of time in an ice cube tray)
½ tsp. organic ground cinnamon
Pinch of nutmeg
½ tsp. alcohol free vanilla extract
1 scoop of Multi Metabolite Brain
5 pitted unsulphured organic dates

Blend and enjoy.

All in all I really enjoyed the Get Real Nutrition products. They contain real food ingredients in addition to fermented and sprouted ingredients which have made them a favorite. I find that the packaging is super convenient for those who travel and they hardly take up any space. (and all the frequent travelers said Amen)

One more amazing thing is that each package can be composted since they use Certified Compostable, FSC Responsibly Sourced Cartons. So not only are these products good for my body but also for our planet. What more could a gal ask for!

Thanks so much Jordan for your dedication and commitment to real food and to your faith. You are a living inspiration and a beacon of hope to many people who are on their journey of healing.

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