Know someone with cancer, autism, asthma, or other illnesses?  Here is a fantastic video by the Environmental Working Group along with some sobering statistics you don’t want to miss.

Environmental Working Group studies found 252 chemicals linked to cancer in 160 people tested (EWG 2008).

Environmental Protection Agency studies show that infants up to age 2 are, on average, 10 times more vulnerable to carcinogens than adults(EWG 2003).

The United States leads the world in cancer incidence, with • an estimated 17.7 percent of the U.S. population expected to develop cancer before the age of 65 (ACS 2006).

The U.S. has the world’s highest incidence of breast cancer. • (ACS 2006). At current rates, one in 8 women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime (NCI 2006).

The incidence of childhood cancers increased by 28 percent • from 1974 to 1998. (Woodruff et al. 2007).
When people migrate as children from places with little • prostate and breast cancer, their prostate cancer risk quadruples, and their breast cancer risk soars by close to 240 percent. (Grover and Martin 2002).

Developmental disabilities affect 17 percent of children. Scientists believe that industrial chemicals play a role in this “silent pandemic” (Grandjean and Landrigan 2006).

EWG testing has found 242 chemicals in people linked to • brain and nervous system damage
Developmental disorders, most involving the brain and • nervous system, affect 1 in 6 children in the U.S. (Grandjean and Landrigan 2006).

The incidence of autism increased 10-fold from the 1970s • to the 1990s (Blaxill 2004). One in 150 American children is autistic (CDC 2007b).

One in 15 U.S. children is diagnosed with Attention Deficit • Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (Woodruff et al. 2004).

Many diseases of the immune system are on the rise. EWG tests of 160 people have found 241 chemicals that can affect the immune system, including 130 chemicals in 10 newborn babies (EWG 2008, EWG 2005).

The prevalence of childhood asthma more than doubled • between 1980 and 2001 (EPA 2007). Nearly 10 percent of children ages 5 to 17 suffer from asthma, according to the American Lung Association (ALA 2007).

Autoimmune diseases occur in 5 to 8 percent of the U.S. • population, more frequently in women (NIH 1998).

Multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnoses among women increased • by 50 percent between the 1980s and the 1990s (Noonan et al. 2002).

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