MRI Procedure Almost Killed Chuck Norris’ Wife – Yet Done By Millions Each Year – MCS News

This is a “must watch” interview with Chuck Norris and his wife. In it, they discuss the horrible experience they had after his wife Gena did 3 MRI’s. They recount the details of his wife’s reaction to the contrast agent, a heavy metal called gadolinium, used to enhance images in MRI’s all over the world. For many years the FDA and medical professionals have advised patients that the procedure is safe and without risk. Only patients with kidney disease were considered at risk back in 2007.

If you are chemically sensitive, have MCAS or TILT please consider the risks associated with contrast dye before you have an MRI done.

“It’s the helpless feeling…I’m kind of a take-charge guy, and then here I have something where I cannot do anything, and it was horrifying,” Chuck Norris says in the interview.

“I saw death in her eyes,” he said. “I saw her dying.”

For a transcript of this interview please click here.

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