This is Best Fragrance Free Soap I’ve Ever Tried

I’m so excited to let you know about this amazing company. Just before New Year’s, I received the coolest box of fragrance-free soaps from Canary Whiskers Soap Company.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to receive. Having tried several fragrance-free soaps before and having been sorely let down I honestly didn’t have high expectations.

Fast forward a few weeks and oh my word. I have tried three of their soaps so far and I am in love. Not only are their soaps completely free from artificial fragrances, but they also do NOT contain any essential oils which is a huge win for those of us with chemical sensitivities.

My absolute favorite is their Signature Rose Kaolin Clay Bar. I love how beautiful this bar looks and how it lathers and feels on my skin. My second favorite is their Heirloom Series Soap Bar. It lathers really well and lasted a long time for me even with 5 people using it. Next, I hope to try their Charcoal soap bar.

The teens, adults, and older children in our family tried their soaps and everyone gave them a 5 out of 5 rating. These soap bars clean well and do not dry out the skin.

Canary Whiskers was founded by a fellow canary who understands how crippling fragrances and essential oils can be. She has worked really hard to create a valuable and needed product. In their shop, you can find vegan and non-vegan options and their shipping is just a flat rate of $5 for anywhere in the USA.
They also have travel-sized sticks and miniature soap bars. I thought the idea of offering a travel soap stick was ingenious as it can be carried in a purse, briefcase, pocket, carry on or left in your car.

I believe in supporting small businesses with good products, so if you are searching for truly fragrance-free soap with no fussy ingredients then I highly recommend that you check out Canary Whiskers. If you have a fellow canary in your life with a birthday coming up, these bars would make a great gift.

As I am still working through their soap bars please check back here later this year as I will be adding to this post.

Chemical Free Gal.

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