Wellness Practitioners Using Toxic Air Fresheners & Fragranced Products?

Can we all agree that medical facilities and wellness practitioners should stop using toxic air fresheners and fragranced products inside their offices?

My husband was gifted some nutritional IVs by a sweet friend. Although I wanted to go with him and have an IV alongside him, I could not because overpowering signature scents are used throughout the facility. The owner of the IV facility purposefully had a scent designed for his company. Like many businesses, he believes that having a synthetic fragrance will set his business apart and create a positive mood for his patients. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

What’s hard to believe is that the office offering IVs is on the grounds of a well-known health and wellness institute that offers programs for cancer patients and people who want to lose weight, manage arthritis, and other health conditions.

One plus one doesn’t quite equal two in this case. On one end, they’re promoting wellness and offering healing services to sick patients. Still, on the other end, they’re infusing toxic substances in the air that have been linked to cancerasthma, and other serious conditions.

This just doesn’t make sense. Holistic offices, wellness clinics, doctors offices, and other businesses offering health and wellness services shouldn’t be using toxic compounds while promoting health and healing.

If you walk into a hospital, doctor’s office, or public restroom, and the scent of the air makes you sick, speak up. Ask to speak to the owner or facilities manager and politely suggest that they remove scented items because it causes disabling conditions in many people, not just those with chemical intolerances but children and adults with airway diseases, heart issues, autism, autoimmune and neuroimmune conditions.

Let them know that by having certain fragranced products which cause disabling conditions, they essentially deny you a right to service or access to a restroom, and they can be in violation of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)

It can also violate the ADA when someone with a disabling condition needs to access a service or medical care but cannot because the hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office uses air fresheners. Employees who suffer a debilitating disability due to chemical sensitivities or allergies because of fragrances in the workplace have filed lawsuits per the ADA and won. This is not to be taken lightly. Know your rights and fight for them. Click here to read about Fragrance Sensitivity being recognized as a Disability Under ADA.

Click here to read about the Hidden Hazards in Air Fresheners and Deodorizers in public places. We must stay informed and speak up, and, if needed, involve the law!

A friend and fellow fragrance-free warrior, Dr. AnneSteinemann Ph.D., said the following: “While legislation exists to protect people from secondhand smoke, the law is evolving to protect people from “secondhand scents,” or involuntary exposure to fragranced products. For instance, under the US Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) [2], an individual who experiences disabling effects from exposure to air fresheners can request a reasonable accommodation for the air freshener to be removed or disconnected. Similar legislation and protection exist in other countries, such as in Australia under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) [8]. In the aforementioned surveys of the US and Australian populations, half of the health effects reported could be considered as potentially disabling under the language of the ADA and DDA.” Source

Using fragrances in a medical or wellness facility isn’t a responsible or healthy practice. Why? Well, because there are no laws in the U.S. that require disclosure of the ingredients in any given fragrance. When the word “fragrance” is in the list of ingredients, you have no clue what chemicals were added during the manufacturing process. These chemicals can be chemicals that have been banned and known to cause cancer, reproductive issues, neurological damage, etc., yet they are allowed. For more information on this, please click here.

Believe it or not, the “FDA lacks the authority to require manufacturers to test cosmetics for safety, including fragranced products before they are sold to consumers. As a result, people using perfume, cologne, body spray, and other scented cosmetics like lotion and aftershave are unknowingly exposed to chemicals that may increase their risk for certain health problems.” Source

If you need help asking an establishment to remove fragranced products from their facilities, please feel free to share the studies on this blog. Writing a formal letter and emailing it is also a good idea. For a sample letter, you can send to establishments using air fresheners and fragranced products, click here. 

That’s all for today friends. I hope you found this post helpful. Below is a flyer you can print out and distribute as needed.

Blessings to you and yours,

4 thoughts on “Wellness Practitioners Using Toxic Air Fresheners & Fragranced Products?

  1. ¡Gracias por el Post! Algunas personas son receptivas y lo tienen en cuenta cuando les dices que hace daño el ambientador, sin embargo otros creen que estas exagerando. 😦 Un saludo 🙂

    1. Con mucho gusto Ana. ☺
      Si es verdad, lamentablemente hay personas que piensan que exageramos. Pero existen demasiados estudios que hablan sobre los daños de las fragancias para que los médicos y los sitios de salud usen ambientadores en sus oficinas.

  2. I hope you sent a lengthy letter to this practitioner. Im all for letters in numbers, so feel free to disclose and I’ll write one also.

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