Charlie the Homeless Guy

Today was one of those days that I almost wish I could record to keep as a treasure.  After work, I went out with my husband, our kids, and a friend.  We went to pick up Charlie from the gas station where he was sleeping.

I got to meet some of Charlie’s friends.  My husband’s friend bought food for them and we all prayed together.

It was about 95 degrees outside and we had been out and about in the heat for a few hours.  Our baby was screaming while our older kids were asking if we were going home soon.  Yet in all the heat and madness I caught a glimpse of Charlie’s smile. His beautiful blue eyes seemed to radiate a glimpse of the heavens.   I couldn’t help but think of how his mom may have seen him as a baby.  And here he was well into his fifties on the street, dirty, filthy, drunk, and alone.  His eyes seemed to tell a long sad story that only someone in his shoes could understand.

My heart broke for Charlie and his friends today.  Especially when he started to cry after I placed my hand on him and prayed for him.     He turned to us and said that no one had ever cared to pray for him or even touch him.

That made me think.

Most normal, non-homeless people don’t usually get out and mingle with the “least of these”.    We may complain about a certain group of people in our society that drive us insane but we do nothing to help them, so how dare we complain.

Today life slapped me hard and strong in the face.  I realized yet again just how much other people need a smile, a word of encouragement, and a prayer.  We often can go days and days just consumed in our own affairs.  We go to the grocery store and don’t even bother to say hello to the lady scanning our groceries.  She may have just lost a loved one and is in a bad mood yet we perceive her attitude as her being rude to us.

Next time you’re out and about take a moment to look into the eyes of someone you’re interacting with.  Offer them a big bright smile and if you can,  give them a word of hope, it may be the only one they get that day.

Remember to live life as a gift and then give that gift away every day!

People like Charlie will thank you!

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