I have been asked that question a few times.  Someone recently asked me why do I bother spending countless hours writing articles for my blog when I get paid nothing and I have no guarantee that what I write makes a difference in anyone’s life.

First of all, thank you for your comments and second of all, it’s no bother, really.

It is no bother because:

I love sharing

I love everything that has to do with health and I love teaching people.

I also love learning new things and making crazy herbal concoctions in my kitchen.

I love everything Organic.

I love to eat a homemade organic chicken parmesan and savor the taste of homemade peach tea with bits of peaches inside.  And love more when I can share that with others.

I am absolutely passionate about helping people get healthier and finding ways to deal with everyday issues like pink eye and sore muscles.

As I’m learning more and more about environmental toxins I love sharing with others and speaking about these dangers in my local circles.

If I could not write I don’t know what I would do with myself.

Perhaps my writing is not your cup of tea, or maybe it is.  Either way, I still love to share my thoughts with anyone who will read them.

So there, that’s why I don’t bother being bothered by countless hours of writing.

Interestingly so; some of my writing time consists of me nursing baby too.  I find myself stuck on the couch countless hours each day with my laptop propped up on an ottoman and a diaper box.  I type with one hand while I nurse the baby.  It works out wonderfully and I knock out two things at once.

I also steal an hour or two on the weekend to write and I enjoy every minute of it. Although I haven’t been feeling well these last few years I still make time to do the things I love.

I hope to publish a book one day on my little treasures for dealing with everyday family ailments and quick easy to read remedies for the entire family including some of my recipes, but since publishing is quite a task and I don’t have all the time that requires I am happy to publish my thoughts online – where they transcend page covers and float around in the ever populated cyberspace.

And so as I close I would like to encourage you – that if you have a God-given gift or passion – pursue it and who cares what anyone says.  If you just reach one person that’s all that matters.

After all, some of the greatest chefs, authors, and teachers started out talking to themselves in a mirror and cooking for an audience of one.

Great doesn’t happen in a day.  Great also doesn’t come along without first going through the schools of grief, grace, and giving.

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  1. You are very talented & amp; it is obvious that one of your many gifts is writing. I, for one appreciate your articles as they/you are a blessing to me. You can hear the passion of you sharing with others about a healthy better you! It is awesome. Keep on blessings me/us!

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