Since I have been on to all the petrochemicals in makeup, beauty and skin products I thankfully don’t use any of them.  I use herbs and grains along with homemade herbal oils balms and salves.

But I realize that most of the men and women I know use tons of toxic, cancer-causing junk.  There is that word again.

And to make matters worse, millions of people un-knowingly purchase toxic baby washes and lotions thinking they are doing their bambinos good.

So what is wrong with cosmetics today?  Well I could type up about 5 pages but I found a video that expresses some of my points except for the comment on me being an animal which I disagree with because God created me, I did not evolve from an animal. :0

It’s a fantastic piece of work and very educational.

Here are some quotes from the video:

“The average woman in the U.S. uses about twelve personal care products daily… each product containing a dozen or more chemicals. Less than 20 percent of the chemicals used in cosmetics have been assessed for safety by the industry safety panel, so we just don’t know what they do to us when we use them.”

“It’s like a giant experiment; we’re using all these mystery chemicals and just waiting to see what happens… The FDA doesn’t even assess the safety of personal care products or their ingredients… they don’t even require that all the ingredients be listed on the label!”

“Pantene contains a chemical linked to cancer. And lots of other products in my bathroom, from sunscreen to lipstick and even baby shampoo, also contain chemicals linked to cancer or other problems like learning disabilities, asthma and even damaged sperm.”

Watch it now, you won’t be disappointed!  Oh and you can easily look up what toxic things are in your products just scroll down and look on the bottom right side of this page for an image titled “Are your cosmetics toxic”, then click on it.

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