Green Living: Do you really need that?

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You’ve all seen it.

It comes in hundreds of colors, shapes sizes, and uses.  Some people buy it to feel better while others buy it because they think they need to keep up with the trends of today.

Kids need it and can’t live without it.  We train our babies also to want it.

But what are we doing to ourselves?

In an attempt to be technologically savvy and rock the latest espadrilles or sports cars we have become a nation consumed by STUFF.

Yes – Stuff – is the Stuff we just can’t live without.

Most Americans have been raised to consume, consume and consume without ever understanding what our consumerism is doing to other developing nations, not to mention what it is doing to our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Why do I need the bigger better, fatter, most expensive, 90210 pair of shoes every couple of months just because Hollywood says so????

Who is Hollywood anyway and why are they dictating what brand of lingerie and what type of jeans I need to wear to be part of the in-crowd?

I am tired of the junk we are pushed into thinking we can’t live without.
Why not revolutionize our world with one random act of kindness at a time.  Don’t buy for yourself all the time, instead find a person or family in need and buy for them.  Maybe it is a single mom who can’t afford a new pair of shoes for her little one.  Don’t just walk past consumed in your bubble.

Even in our own home.  Do we really need 32 pairs of shoes and 12 purses to match each color of shoes?  Do our husbands and kids need to have the latest X-box, Wii, and Nintendo thing-a-ma-jigs each time they are released?

I hate to break it to ya- but News FlashWhen you die your stuff ain’t going which-cha. So for the love of our planet, God, our health, and those poor factory workers all around the world.


Make it a point to do something unconventional every week.  I personally enjoyed having people including well-meaning friends and family make cracks on my 4 yr old phone that I refused to stop using until it was completely broken.  I used it for the past two years on speakerphone because I could no longer hear sounds out of the earpiece.  It was really funny all the looks I would get at school, the store, and in line, because people assumed I was doing it on purpose.

Finally, my phone broke and I was blessed to receive a new one as a gift which I will use until it too does not function anymore, not when a new upgrade comes out.

Many years ago it took me a lot of time in thought and prayer to come to the realization that Stuff is just Stuff not a definition of who I am or what I am worth. This is something that has escaped from the modern-day world. Again, in our attempt to be fashionable and sexy we have forgotten about loving our neighbor as ourselves.
But we don’t know how to love ourselves because we have been taught to love the stuff because stuff will make us feel better and it will define who we are.


Stuff hurts more than it does good and in the end, stuff will just end up in the garbage along with my hard-earned money.

So will you join me in taking a stand against STUFF?  Make it a point to go against the grain.  Be a feather ruffler for the fashion and stuff industry.  Wear your clothes over again every week or month.  Use one or two pairs of shoes with every outfit and when people ask you just say you are tired of stuff and you’re taking a stand against it.

It breaks my heart to see so many young women consumed by stuff.  Instead of searching for what is important in life, they are consumed by all the stuff they have and are going to buy so that they can be regarded as cool or modern.  Some of these women are really hungry inside and they may feel a certain emptiness that their stuff promises to fill.  But the sad truth is that we can own the biggest home and all the fashionable clothes and cars and still be broken and empty inside.  Just look at Hollywood or pick up a magazine at the check out in your grocery store.  Magazines are permeated with tons of stories that share the same common denominator – people, very wealthy people with all the stuff in the world still feel hurt, worthless, and empty inside.  Often these feelings lead many to life-altering addictions. I don’t know about you but I don’t want my children to grow up thinking that stuff or what they have is a definition for who they are because it’s not.

If we all start doing little things and expose the nasty lies behind hoarding stuff we will and can make a difference to liberate the many souls who are victims of the “More Stuff is Better Mentality”.

Here are just a few ideas on how you can take a stand:

1 – Kids birthday coming up?  Don’t buy them the latest stuff.  Instead opt to take them to watch a character-building movie, visit a local strawberry farm and pick your own strawberries, visit a planetarium, have a picnic at the beach, and take turns creating treasures in the sand with shells.

Show your kids you love them not by what you buy them but, by the time, love, and effort you spend every day investing in their emotional and spiritual bank accounts.  And if you really want to make a difference, host a birthday party and instead of gifts collect cash donations for a needy single mom or a poor family in a developing nation.  On Charity Navigator, you can easily find a reputable non-profit where your donation will be used wisely.

2- Anniversary coming up?  Skip the diamonds and take a vacation to a remote fishing village if you’re into fishing and enjoy a meal the old-fashioned way by catching your fish and then grilling it yourself seaside while embracing the beauty of God’s blue creation.   Why not buy an edible herb or plant for every year you have been together and present them to your spouse as their gift so you both can plant your own garden as a sign of your love?  You can also email your spouse a virtual gift certificate with lots of discounts and coupons.  You can easily type up your ideas on Microsoft Word and then turn them into a PDF online for free.  Email the document to your spouse telling him or her that they can use any of the coupons and or discounts for different things.  This activity can actually get to be a lot of fun if you put your heart into it.

Want to have an enriching experience?  Volunteer as a couple to feed the homeless or hand out blankets to families living on the street.  Sign up for a mission trip to a country of your interest.  Trips can often run a weekend for up to several weeks.  A great place to check for trips is Short Term Missions, where you can search by region and length of time.

3- Planning a corporate Holiday or Christmas Luncheon.  Do what I did and put your staff to work instead.  Don’t overspend, in the end, they will still complain about it.  I found that one of the most rewarding luncheons I planned was just a simple inexpensive lunch and then I directed all the staff to go out into the community and deliver much-needed items like food, money for groceries, and shoes for homeless families.  They really enjoyed it.

4- Do you have a pair of shoes that has a hole in the bottom and are scuffed?  Don’t toss them.  Instead, get the hole repaired for about 5 to 10 bucks and wipe them down to keep using.

5- Got a dress you don’t wear or too big.  Grab your scissors and make it into a scarf or shawl.  Recently with the help of my dear mother-in-law, I designed a lovely shawl from a long maternity dress.  It was sowed together on a used sewing machine I purchased online for ¼ of the cost.  I use this super long spandex shawl when I am out and need to nurse.  It’s fashionable and cost nothing extra.

6- Does your child have to do a class project?  Use things in your own home and make it a point to not buy anything for the project.  Only use what you have already.  We did an entire solar system by using a recycled box and crumbled up wads of paper.  We then colored them and adjusted their size and glued them onto the box.  The end result was a beautiful upcycled solar system we did use all green recycled items.  We do this all the time.  The very last project my son had to do was on history and we used toothpicks and made picket signs with recycled papers to make a pop-up poster board using the cover of a large shoebox.

7. Is there a young man or woman who seems lost in their stuff and spiraling down?  Make it a point to offer your counsel, prayers, and support.  There are so many young people who don’t have a mom or dad at home right now to teach them good Godly values about modesty, contentment, love, etc.   Maybe you will be the only voice of hope they hear.  Even if they don’t have a problem with stuff, our youth is struggling these days with so much pressure and enticing options that faithful committed concerned people must step up to the plate and lend a helping hand to a dying world.

The possibilities are endless.

5 thoughts on “Green Living: Do you really need that?

  1. Love this, and I couldn’t agree MORE! I am sick of STUFF! My mother in law is always trying to give me STUFF she finds at teh give & take pile at the dump. Admittedly, some of it is nice, since she lives in an upper class town, but I don’t want it! And she doesn’t understand that – “BUT IT IS FREE!” she says in her defense. ACK! THEN YOU KEEP IT! Thanks for sharing, keep spreading the good anti-stuff word! 🙂

    1. LOL. Yeah tell me about it. You should sit her down and show her the video above so hopefully she’ll get it. Until we re-train ourselves to accept that more is not better we will be speeding up the destruction of all our Eco-systems and eventually mankind.

  2. Love, love your post. Really enjoyed reading it. Indeed, we are a nation consumed by stuff — our need for “stuff” is insatiable and it just has to stop! We all need to simplify, “stop spending, scale back and live lean.”(Leo Batuta) Thanks for this wonderful post, I’m a fan! 🙂

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