So yesterday I was invited by a local Pediatrician and Holistic MD to start a series of talks at Whole Foods.  My first talk was a lot of fun and we had pretty much the whole restaurant full of innocent bystanders who seemed to take interest in what we had to say.

But the most amazing part of everything is that I had my pointers and my speech on my home laptop but I had not yet printed it out.  When I got home Friday afternoon I logged in and all of a sudden realized that our computer had been compromised with several trojans and was in the process of being hijacked from some very bad people in cyberspace.  Long story short I spent all about 6 hours trying to save our info while working in safe mode and I was not able to access the document for my talk.  I was so upset and thought about canceling my appearance at WholeFoods.  It was about 3am when I got to bed.  I slept a few hrs then woke up, got the 3 kids ready and appeared at Whole Foods like nothing happened. Short hair and all!  Yeah, it is weird having short hair but oh so easy.  I chopped off over 16 inches of my curly locks just a few days ago, very liberating!

When I took the mic after the doctor spoke I can only say that it was an absolute act of God that I spoke so well without notes or pointers.

It is like God allowed all of the madness to occur to gently remind me that it is not about what I think I can do but about what He can do through me.  I was reminded yet again of my favorite quote that I wrote several years ago: “Humility is the essence of Life and Christ’s love our anchor”.

All in all, I was pleased that the big guy had my back.  Without Him, I would have probably just stood up and babbled.

For those of you who showed up and supported me, a big THANK YOU. It was a great time. I had parents, grandparents and even children listening. All in all, it was a great day. Looking forward to doing more in the weeks to come.


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  1. Good for you!!!!!! It is always so humbling to have Him in our corner!

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