Beware: These food additives cause kidney and adrenal gland tumors, hyperactivity disorders and severe migraines.

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Let’s talk about food coloring.  But not your organic and naturally occurring food coloring such as orange from carrots or red from beets.  Nope, we are talking about artificial food coloring made in a lab, not in grandmas kitchen.

It is no secret that artificial food colorings have been found to cause all kinds of health problems, including ADHD, tumors,  cancer, and asthma in children.

So what are we talking about? Below is a list of artificial food dyes currently used in the US:

If you are interested in reviewing information on the effects these dyes have in children click here

Next time you reach for that bag of chocolate that melts in your mouth consider if satisfying your chocolate craving is worth sacrificing your health.

These dangerous food colorings are made with petroleum and contain coal-tar derivatives.  And guess what, they are in more foods then you think.  So what can you do?  READ READ and then READ some more!  After you’re done reading labels make it a point not to purchase any products that contain these dyes.

I don’t know what’s worse, the toxins disguised as food that cover the shelves of our supermarkets or the fact that the EPA and FDA do not require detailed testing of chemicals to determine the effects on humans.  Yes, it is true – these chemicals just get made by mad scientists and then poof like an act of magic they are in your foods and cosmetics, no testing required.

Let us just review a few of these colors.  Yellow 6 is widely used in jello, baked goods, drinks, sausages, and other foods.  In studies, Yellow 6 has been linked to kidney and adrenal gland tumors.

You can find Red 40 in Sun Chips, Goldfish, and many other snacks.  It has been linked to hyperactivity disorders and severe migraines.

Blue 1 and 2 have been linked to cancer in mice.  In 2003 Blue 1 leaked into a septic hospital patient’s bloodstream and caused death. Following this, the FDA issued an advisory for the public.  You can read more about that here

I could go on and on but the facts are quite clear.  This stuff is poison – stay away from it and definitely don’t give it to your children.

That means skipping M&M’s, nonorganic lollipops, most nonorganic mustard’s, some ketchup’s, certain over the counter medicines and many other food items.    I know that in our case my son who is now 10 began to vomit violently and would have terrible asthmatic attacks immediately after consuming anything with red dye.  It was something I discovered on my own and we have made it a point to stay away from any artificial colorings since before he turned 2.

Oh and just in case this article doesn’t phase you I thought I would mention that when you eat most nonorganic yogurt and candy said to have a strawberry flavor or strawberries in them you are actually eating bug juice.  Its a red colored ingredient called Carmine and its made by mashing up bugs and getting out the juice from them.  This is done in developing nations then it is sold and shipped to buyers in the US.

Not only do I find this yucky but there are potential health risks associated with this red bug juice.  If you don’t believe me click here

Remember – colors are your friends when they are naturally found in foods such as sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, spinach, turmeric, and many other life building foods.  But beetle juice and mad scientist coloring additives are the enemy so run my friend and don’t look back lest you get trapped!

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