Just before we continue let me clarify that I am not talking about people here.  I really mean rats from the rodent family. 🙂

Because I realize that I have a huge audience with readers from as far as Mauritius, Malawi, Australia, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and many more, 154 countries to be exact; I wanted to share a little recipe that I shared with my dear missionary friend Annie for use in the orphanage she runs in Malawi, Africa.

Rats can cause a lot of problems, from the spread of disease to the eating and destroying of food crops, and storage houses.  At home about 18 months ago we had a problem with some rats that decided to come from I don’t know where to our back yard.  Now, I recognize that our lawn was a little high in the back (my husband was sick at the time and I was on bed-rest, so we had no one to cut the lawn for us).  The high lawn for just a few weeks made the environment favorable for rats and snakes and other unwanted guests.

After my husband cut the grass and cleaned the yard these rats and possums were still making their nightly visits to our back yard and driving our dog crazy.

It is then that we broke out some herbs like sage, oregano garlic cayenne pepper, and hot chili peppers.  We made an infused oil with them and poured the finished oil into a commercial spray bottle. We opted for herbs instead of poison because we have children and a dog.  So no one was going to die or be poisoned by using herbs and oil.

We sprayed the lawn, the edges of the house, the patio and all the bases of our plants and trees 2 times per day.  After about 2 days we had no more unwanted visitors and funny thing, our mischievous Labrador stopped chewing the plants and making holes.  I guess he did not like the smell either.  We continued spraying every day for 3 weeks and have not seen a rat or possum since.

I know that when we lived in other countries, seeing a rat in your home or back yard was a common thing.  You would go for a broom and sweep them outside.  But now you don’t have to worry about getting the broom, just go for the herbs.  If you are interested in how you can make this oil with herbs please contact me and for a minimal cost of $10 I will email you written instructions for making the spray.

Many Blessings you.

A warm hello to all my friends visiting from around the world.

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  1. What do you mead you infused the herbs. We are having a problem and I would lov eto do this but I need more specific instructions. Thanks for all your help. Your blog alweays seems to have what I need at the time I need it.

  2. hi can you send me how you did it? thanks

  3. I would like to know – what type of oils an how much chayenne pepper do u use. all i have at my dissposal is crused red hot peppers an crushed chayenne pepper. how do i mix it to get roof rats out of my attic.

  4. Please send me an email! I live in Florida USA and have roof rats! Thanks!

  5. I would love this detailed mix of ingredients please. I have a rat problem in the yard. I am a believer in herbs! I also heard rats do not like mint. I just poured some blue listerine around my fence were they enter my yard, I’m desperate. Hope your recipe works 🙂

  6. Please send me the information. I have a friend with rats and she has 5 little kids. They seem to be everywhere. Thank you so much.

  7. Could you provide me with the information. I also have rats in my kitchen and backyard. I always like to use natural herbs when ever posslible. I really liked your mixed spray. Thank you very much.

  8. need to get recipe for geting rid of mice with herbs. thks

  9. Heidi Jo cunningham

    Can u please send me the receipe? I found 5 rats out back by the dogwood and cat food tonight! I put away all the food but now we are scared!

    1. Hi I sent and email in Jan and never got your recipe. Could you please send it as she really really needs it. Thank you so much.

  10. would love recipe to get rid of rats thanks

  11. Please, please email me your rat cure. I’ve had rats off and on for 8years now. I can’t take it any more. I’m ready to move out of my dream home

  12. please let me have details on ingredients and how to make this oil. we have rats in extension flat roof

  13. Please Please send me the email with recipe….I’ve been trying for weeks now to get rid of this lil monsters. I’m hearing impaired and one got into the wall and my service dog goes crazy at night trying to get that thing out. I know I have more in my garage I need to get rid of them for good and this seems the perfect way. Thanks

  14. I would love if you would send me the “recipe” for helping to naturally get rid of rats. I have a pest control company that comes out and sets traps….yet I still have roof rats getting into my garage. Thank You!

    1. Moms Mold Resources

      Hi Mary,

      For the garage try soaking cotton balls in essential oil of peppermint and placing them all over your garage, on the floor and on shelves and behind appliances and boxes. Replace every 2-3 weeks.

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