In thinking about the new year and all that it has to offer.  I started thinking about my kids.  That got me thinking about other peoples kids and then my mind went off to think about the kids no one thinks about.  Kids like the ones in this photo.

I wonder if these kids woke up the morning of this picture and thought to themselves if they were meeting the latest fashion craze.  Did they whine to their mom and dad because they wanted the latest Nike’s?

What about breakfast?  Did they complain when they found out what was on the menu?

It saddens me to think that millions of people are rich compared to the standards of most people in developing countries, yet we care more about what we are going to wear to work then what a poor homeless child in the US, Bolivia, Mozambique or Vietnam has to eat.

What saddens me more is that we have raised up a culture of “Gotta have it, Just can’t live without it and who cares about what anybody else needs”.

Why is that?

Where have we gone wrong as a society?

We have huge malls full of everything our money can buy, but we can’t buy the love of fathers that are missing from thousands of homes nationwide.

We build huge buildings & churches with all sorts of fancy equipment and theater style seating but we turn away a family that’s living in their car because they don’t measure up to our standards of someone in need of help.

As parents we are equally guilty since we don’t speak enough to our youth about what really matters in life, we leave it up to school, the media and the magazines in the checkout line at our local stores.

When mainstream fashion media isn’t pushing the latest skinny jeans they are telling our girls that they are fat.

Meanwhile, the children in this photo have no home, bed or breakfast.  They are carrying all that they own, an old tarp which serves as their bed at night.  There are no goodnight kisses or pancakes with whipped cream for them.

They don’t care about the latest toys or game-boys; nope they just walk and wonder if someone will give them a piece of bread to calm the hunger pangs in their little bodies.

So what does fashion have to do with poverty?  More than you think.

It is not fashionable to be different and not wear the season’s hues and hairdo’s.  But what if we were to start a change in our immediate home?  Just one month a year to start off.

What am I talking about?

The Bare to be Beautiful Project.  I will be sending out an email to all of my subscribers so stay tuned.

You can do something about the wrong message our society is sending about beauty & fashion and help someone in need.  It may be the only help they get.


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  1. Hi, I found your site after posting the Grocery Store Wars (from Natural health) on my blog. Your blog came up as a related post.
    Anyway, so glad to have been able to pop in and I’ll be putting you on my favourites bar if you don’t mind.

    1. Moms Mold Resources

      Thank You for stopping by. Absolutely please feel free to add us to your favorites bar and anywhere else you like. I hope you enjoy everything that is available here.

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