It is a terrible fact that we live in a world where pesticides are sprayed freely over all our lawns, crops, and plants.  Our children are exposed to thousands of these chemicals just by playing on grass that has been treated with pesticides.  Even babies in the womb are exposed to these deadly chemicals and are born with weakened immune systems because of them.

Your bathroom is no safer.  If you are a normal person you probably use about 20 different products a week, the number gets higher with women. In most cases, those products are loaded with cancer-causing chemicals, endocrine disruptors, and neurotoxins.  Most baby shampoos are anything but safe for a baby. We know this because of the lawsuits in previous years against Johnson and Johnson for putting known carcinogens in their products.  It is so terrible to think that we can be exposing our most precious gifts to these nasty chemicals.  So don’t sleep on this, people.  Your children are a gift and they only have you as a parent to take care of them!

And if you’re a guy or a gal who uses cologne/perfume, you’re also exposing your body to harmful substances, as almost all of the chemicals used in these fragrant sprayable poisons have not been assessed for safety and can contain mostly petrochemicals. Fragrances aren’t regulated so they can put anything they want inside of perfumes and other scented products.

So what is a person to do with all this?  How do you keep your family safe from all the chemicals and junk floating in the air and placed inside most commercial products?

You only have to do 2 things.

The first thing is to visit one of my favorite websites made possible by the Environmental Working Group.  It’s called “Skin Deep Cosmetic Database”, and it’s a fantastic safety guide to thousands of cosmetics and personal care products that men, women, and children use every single day.

If you ever need it in the future I always keep a link to this site on the lower right-hand side of this page.  Remember to protect yourself and your family from the harmful disruption toxic chemicals pose on our bodies; by avoiding them and by making wiser choices when you go shopping, and if you ever need help just post a comment and I will be glad to get back to you.

The second thing you can do to protect yourself and your family from toxic chemicals in food and cosmetics is to follow the 10 suggestions below provided by Mike Adams over at Natural News.

#1) Don’t put anything on your skin you wouldn’t eat! (Chemical Free Gal comment This is something I believe in 100%.  Everything I teach people to make and those things that I make myself are all with one thought in mind: If I can’t use them on my baby and on all the family then it’s not good for anyone else.) Avoid all mainstream consumer skin care, cosmetics, and personal care products, period! Need fragrance-free and nontoxic products? Click here. 

#2) Don’t eat foods made with chemicals you can’t pronounce. Read the ingredients labels. If the list of ingredients is too long and complex to figure out, it’s probably made more with chemicals than actual food.

#3) Don’t poison your body with over-the-counter drugs or prescription pharmaceuticals. If you do need to use medication for short-term emergency use, be sure to detoxify your liver afterward.

#4) Detox your liver, kidneys, and colon at least once a year. You can do this with a juice fast combined with detox supplements such as those offered by or (get professional guidance from a naturopath before fasting).

#5) Drink more water. Most people simply don’t consume enough water to effectively remove toxins from their bodies. If you don’t like water by itself, drink fresh vegetable juices such as celery or cucumber juice (which are actually structured water).

#6) Cleanse your body with parsley, alfalfa, red clover, chlorella, or chlorophyll. All these substances can help cleanse your body and eliminate toxic substances that may be detrimental to your health. (Chemical Free Gal comment – We do this by adding cilantro, parsley, and other detoxifying herbs into our daily fruit and vegetable smoothies.)

#7) Don’t fill your home or apartment with products that off-gas toxic chemicals: Air fresheners, perfumed candles, particle board furniture, carpets, glues, etc.

#8) Don’t cook on non-stick cookware. These are the worst! Invest in quality copper-clad stainless steel pans and use those. They’ll last a lifetime and they don’t contaminate your body with chemicals. Don’t eat at restaurants that use non-stick cookware. (That’s just about every restaurant in the world, it seems…)

#9) Buy certified organic products. In the USA, the USDA Organic Seal is a trusted seal that genuinely indicates organic quality (both in foods and personal care products). Don’t be fooled by brand names that use the word “organics” in their name but aren’t really organic. For example, “Bob’s Organics” may or may not actually be organic. The Organic Consumers Association ( can keep you posted on what’s what. 

#10) Get cancer out of your laundry! Stop washing your clothes in toxic brand-name laundry detergents, and stop using brand-name fabric softeners or dryer sheets. Do you have any idea what chemicals are used in those products? The truth would astonish you.

Ok.  I hope you enjoyed this article.  But before I sign off I wanted to recommend that you review the must-see reports below if you have not already.

Blessings to you and yours

Must See Reports:

Not So Sexy – The Health Risks of Secret Chemicals in Fragrance

Shopper’s Guide to Safe Cosmetics

Reasons to Make Chemicals Kid-Safe

10 Americans’ video – how to protect children and families from toxic chemicals

Chemical Pollution – The Toll on America’s Health

As a side note, I recently had a great shopping experience with a company called Cosmetics without Synthetics which sells a line of cosmetics called Earth’s Beauty. I found them on the Skin Deep Database since 8 of their products are rated favorably on the Database. I needed to order mascara since I ran out of my homemade version and I wanted to find a safe one I could use occasionally.

So, I ordered a travel size and paid for my order.  A few minutes later a very nice lady called me to inform me that they did not have any more travel sizes in stock and that she would kindly ship out the large size to me at no extra charge.  We spoke for a few minutes and she offered to send me a free lipstick sample as well.  I received my order in less than 4 days and I am very pleased.  This is one company that seems to have it right and they have been a BBB Accredited Business since July 2004 with a current rating of A+.  To view their product ratings by Skin Deep click here.

Sources: 10 tips by Mike Adams – Natural News

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