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The Miracle of Herbs for your Health Needs – How to Make Herbal Medicine

Everyone that has read my articles, taken my classes or heard me speak knows that I am absolutely in love with herbs and nature.

I am also moved by the simple beauty that God created all the herbs, plants, fruits and vegetables that are ultimately used in even the most aggressive forms of cancer and disease. Something so simple to grasp and yet millions of people have to die each year including children because as a society we care more about the green paper then truly finding cures that are embedded in Gods wonderful creation.

I went on a mission a long time ago.  And I invite you to partake in your own mission to better health.  One of the things you can do to expand your knowledge base is try out some herbal medicine recipes and judge for yourself their effectiveness.  I started treating sty’s, nausea and many other ailments at home many years ago.  First because I know how effective food and herbs are in helping our bodies fight disease and sickness.  I also wanted to use non toxic remedies that would not affect my children in any way or give them cancer or any other debilitating disease later in life.

In my herbal lab I have about 100 or more organic herbs, tinctures, glycerites, salves, teas, spices and organic beauty products that I have formulated myself.  I make sure to keep an ample stock of these items at home and in the office because I never know when someone is going to ask me for a sore throat tea or a compress for pink eye.

After getting asked from many people I decided to start sharing some of my herbal medicine recipes with others and making them available on several websites online.

Today I wanted to share with you just one of the herbal kits that I have available.  It’s a Tincture Kit for beginners and is a no brainer for anyone age 20 to 100.

So what’s a tinctire kit?

A tincture is a liquid extract of an herb. It is made by soaking herbs in a drinkable alcohol. Tinctures are super concentrated herbal concoctions. I tend to do about 3 to 4 dropper-fulls 2 to 4 times a day everyday if I am not feeling well. Tinctures work because they are made in a base of alcohol like Vodka or Brandy which breaks down the herbs and pulls out the medicinal qualities.

And now, you can make your own tinctures with no difficulty and have enough bottles on hand to last you all year for just a fraction of the cost for what you pay for just one 2 ounce bottle at the health food store.

I have created a step by step instructional guide with this kit that comes with 2 bags of organic herbs, 2 glass tincture bottles, labels and two large organic cotton muslin bags for straining. The only thing you will have to purchase is your vodka or Brandy. You will also need a jar with a lid for steeping the herbs and a jar with lid to store any extra tincture. I find that re-cycling pasta sauce jars works wonderfully.

Grab this kit while it lasts as it is specially priced for spring and will go quickly.

Choose from:

Immunity Rescue – Intense immunity booster with over 8 organic herbs possessing anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. A must have for families.

Help my Tummy – Fantastic blend or organic herbs that help with stomach upset, gas and indigestion. Another fantastic blend to keep on hand.

Nighty Night – A mixture of organic herbs to help you unwind and relax.

AstraE (Astragalus & Echinacea) – Immunity booster and viral infection fighter. Great for those traveling or those going around sick people.

Click on the picture below to purchase!

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