Gerson Therapy for Cancer – Plus Natural Treatment During Chemotherapy

Last week I received 4 emails about people dying from cancer and 2 emails from people wanting to do natural treatment for their cancer.  Let me say that if you have cancer or any serious disease, my heart breaks for you.  I wept after reading each email.  I wished I was close by to these people to embrace them.  I don’t hate many things but Cancer is one of those things I HATE.

If only the medical community and their patients were more open to alternative treatments for cancer & disease, there would be fewer people dying after extensive chemo treatments, fewer recurrences of full-blown cancer and more happy families.  Alternative treatments are not a cure for all but do help with hundreds of diseases and health conditions around the world.

Just today I received a question about the Gerson Therapy.  The person wanted to know if they could incorporate raw fruit and vegetable juices during chemo.  To save my long drawn out explanation I placed a write-up below from the Gerson Institute.  For some must-see videos on cancer, curing diseases and the Gerson therapy visit:

Gerson Therapy While on Chemotherapy

Q: Can a patient begin the Gerson Therapy while undergoing chemotherapy?

No. In most cases, chemotherapy works in direct conflict with a detoxifying therapy such as the Gerson Therapy.
When a patient receives chemotherapy, a significant percentage of each dose remains lodged in the body. When the Gerson Therapy begins to work, it can very quickly dislodge toxins from the cells into the bloodstream, including the chemotherapy residue. Patients with such a large amount of toxins being released into their bloodstream often cannot detoxify the body fast enough if they are using the standard intensive Gerson Therapy and may be prone to liver failure. At the very least they can become very sick.
When a patient comes to a Gerson treatment center, the doctors must implement the Therapy with them more gradually by reducing the amount of juice consumed and the frequency of enemas. This process often needs to be fine‐tuned for each patient, and it may be reckless and dangerous for the patient to attempt to modify the program on their own. This is why we strongly encourage chemo‐treated patients to come to a Gerson facility to begin the Therapy, and not to begin the Therapy at home.

Q: If I’m already on chemo, is there anything else I can do in the meantime to get started on the Gerson Therapy?

Yes. A chemo patient would certainly benefit from following the Gerson diet and eating an organic, vegetarian diet. A chemo patient can also take juices—though not the full 13 glasses per day. However, a chemo patient cannot take the coffee enemas or castor oil treatments so they cannot begin the full Therapy. Giving castor oil or coffee enemas can result in the release and overload of chemotherapy drugs into the circulatory system in a completely unregulated manner. This can have very serious, deleterious results and even death with highly toxic patients.

Q: How long do I have to wait to begin the Gerson Therapy after finishing chemo?

2‐3 weeks. You must take a blood test before beginning the Gerson Therapy.

Q: After chemo, what protocol should I follow?

A. In Healing the Gerson Way book, there is a specific protocol for chemo pre‐treated patients detailed in Chapter 18, on pages 199‐203.

‐ Healing the Gerson Way book:

Chapter 18, pages 199‐203. “Adapting the Therapy for Chemo‐Pretreated and Severely Weakened Patients.”

Page 171: Castor oil treatment and chemotherapy.

Page 237: Gerson treatment while on chemo

‐ Questioning Chemotherapy, by Ralph Moss, Ph. D.. This book can be ordered at Mr. Moss’s website:

‐ Article about chemotherapy by Dr. Moss, Ph. D:

‐ Article “Chemo’s Berlin wall crumbles”, by Dr. Moss, Ph. D

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  1. I have a friend who is suffering from vertigo. Is there any sort of natural treatment she can begin or a specific vitamin she is deficient from?

    1. Moms Mold Resources

      Vertigo is a symptom that can occur from a number of different medical conditions. The term vertigo refers to the sensation of spinning or whirling that occurs as a result of a disturbance in balance. Most of the time vertigo is not a grave condition, but it is very important that you have a full evaluation by your doctor to make sure there are no serious causes. This is particularly true if the vertigo persists over several weeks or months or you have a sudden onset of vertigo associated with other symptoms such as double vision or symptoms of a stroke.
      Vertigo often occurs as a result of a disorder in the inner ear or the vascular system. The health of these systems reflects, in many ways, the health of the rest of the body. Hence, there is hope that if overall health improving lifestyle changes are made, vertigo symptoms could diminish.

      remedies for Verigo include:

      Very Important
      DMG (Gluconic from DaVinci Labs) As directed on label. Increase brain oxygen.
      Niacin (B3) 100 mg 3 times daily. Improves ceregral circulation and lowers cholesterol.
      Vitamin B complex injections with B6 (pyridoxine) and vitamin B12 complex (high stress) 100-400 mg daily. Necessary for normal brain and central nervous system function.
      Vitamin C 3,000-10,000 mg daily in divided doses. An antioxidant that also improves circulation.
      Vitamin E 400-800 IU daily, increasing dosage slowly Improves Circulation


      Choline or inositol and/or lecithin 3 times dialy as directed on label necessary in nerve function. Lecithin prevents hardening of the arteries and improves brain function.
      Coenzyme Q10 60 mg daily Improves circulation to the brain.
      Ginkgo biloba extract 120 mg daily. Improves brain function by supplying oxygen.

      Brewer’s yeast Start with a small amount and work up. Contains balanced B vitamins.
      magnesium 1,500 mg daily.

      750 mg. daily Aids in circulation (heartbeat)
      Germanium 100 mg Makes oxygen more available to the brain.
      Kelp 5 tablets daily. For necessary balanced minerals and vitamins.
      Multivitamin and mineral supplement As directed on label. For necessary balanced minerals/vitamins.


      Butcher’s broom, cayene, chaparral tea, dandelion extract or tea, and ginkgo biloba extract are beneficial for vertigo.


      Avoid nicotine, caffeine, salt, and fried foods. Avoid extreme or rapid head movements and rapid changes in body position.


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